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Hey guys, sorry that I am gone this whole week, but here is everything that you need to know while I'm gone.
Please remember to use the hallpass and only go out one at a time. Be kind to the sub and they will be kind back to you. All the best! You guys are great and I know that you will be just fine for this week! See you all monday!

Art Foundations 2D/3D:
I introduced what our next Cubist project is going to be. We are working on taking an image, applying a grid, and then distorting that grid on our good paper. The good paper is in the top file cabinet drawer. Here is a link to the demo of the class, as well as how to paint the cubist portrait once you've finished drawing it. The project wont be due until Monday the 27th.…

You know what the slab vase project is, if you need a refresh, check out our class demo. You may also paint your rattles once they have cooled down from the kiln.…

Graphic Design:
We are just finishing up with our info graphics. please work on finishing those and turn them in online. Once you have done that, then begin the next portrait project:…

Please clean up the laptops and close the office door when you are finished.

We are done with HTML, and now on to Illustrator!
If you need a refresh on what we did in class, here's the intro:…

Our next project will be working on an animal vector drawing:…

If you finish early (its a 2 day deadline) Then you can start our next Illustrator project:……

Please remember to put away ALL computers and close the office door once you're done. Thanks!
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Submitted on
February 17, 2017