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You will turn in:
Photoshop - Mock Up of the product
Illustrator - Logo design for your toy/company
Answer the following questions to complete your proposal: (double spaced / 1 page min.)

1. What is your toy?/ How does it solve your discrimination problem?
2. Analyze prior efforts made by other toy makers:
3. Why are such toys rare?
4. Why is your toy different/better?
5. How does your toy work?
6. What is the cost of your toy? (Production/Sale) and why

To create an Ad for your toy (illustrator and photoshop) Must be a full page advert. (8.5"x11" / Full Color)
Here is a link to my paper:…
kwoliyah1 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Student Interface Designer
1.legos/ and it solves discrimination problem because legos are usually different for boys and girls and the difference between mine is that girls can also be dangerous and adventurous to and not just cook clean and do makeup all the time.

2. lego makers have made some girl lego super heroes but they still put them in a boys packaging and not a girls alone.

3. everybody loves legos but they are advertised in a very discriminized way.

4. my legos are better because it shows that boys and also girls can be saving the day and be superior.

5.they are the played like the originals but in a fair way will be 9.99 because its just a toy you just play with and because they aren’t expensive to make
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Submitted on
May 23, 2017