1. Location
2. Animal
3. Sport
4. good/bad
5. Amazing
6. color
7. color
8. exciting
9. number 1-4
10. company
11. company
12. sports team
13. famous person/president
14. first name
15. last name

I am the owner of the _____1_____ ____2____ (s).
We are an upstart _______3_____ team. I have heard all about your ____4____ artwork in your ____5____ teacher, Mr. Kozak’s classroom. I want to hire you to design our teams logo. There are a few specifications about the logo though…
First, I absolutely love the color ____6____. The team has talked and we do not want ____7____ in the design at all. We prefer something that is ___8___. We really would like a focus on our sport and mascot, and feel free to redesign our mascot while you’re at it.
We will be able to pay for a ___9___ color print; not including black and white. We cannot afford anything else. We also really enjoy ____10____ and ___11____ and ____12____ (s) logos. We are planning on having this printed on t-shirts, hats, and a large banner outside of our stadium. We are ver proud of our new location at ___13___ stadium! After the logo design is finished, feel free to join us for a free game!
Thanks so much for your attention to detail!
Please do, at minimum, 3 different thumbnails before you begin your design. I would feel much more comfortable in knowing that you didn’t design the first thing that came to your mind.
Have fun, and I look forward to seeing your design in 2 days!

All the best,
___14___  ___15____
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