Welcome Students!

This is the home of everything that is going to happen to you in your art class this year!
All of your projects, homework and tests will be posted online here.
In this way, all of your assignments will be graded online for your convenience.
Once you have posted your projects on to your own page, you will then link them over to this group page.
Your grade will be sent to you on DeviantArt and updated in Powerschool. If your work is above your normal average you will be sent with a badge online. This particular work will also be collected in person and hung inside the classroom. In this way, your upper echelons of artwork will be known all over.

If you are for some reason stricken with an illness as the class continues through the year, I would encourage you to visit our YouTube page to see if we had an in class demo.

YouTube Link: www.youtube.com/mrkozakart

You can also download the syllabus and pacing guide for this semester here:


Glad to have you all this semester, and I look forward to the amazing art the you create!
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