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You will turn in:
Photoshop - Mock Up of the product
Illustrator - Logo design for your toy/company
Answer the following questions to complete your proposal: (double spaced / 1 page min.)

1. What is your toy?/ How does it solve your discrimination problem?
2. Analyze prior efforts made by other toy makers:
3. Why are such toys rare?
4. Why is your toy different/better?
5. How does your toy work?
6. What is the cost of your toy? (Production/Sale) and why

To create an Ad for your toy (illustrator and photoshop) Must be a full page advert. (8.5"x11" / Full Color)
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G2: All files…

W3: All Files…
Moral: Respect Other People/ Be Kind
Protagonist: Tiger (Travis)
Antagonist: Lion ( Leo )
Climax: bully
Setting: jungle

1. Intro world
2. comp. - Race (w obs.)
3. Fail comp (who’s King) Lion Cheats - trap wrong way sign
4. intro turtle
5. cross threshold - wise turtle coaches in the ways
6. new race
7. bully* Trap! (wrong Way) / hole? lion caught in hole
8. Wins Comp. - (beating at the lions own game, and out smarting)
9.  Lion Hurt / goes back to help
10. moral -
11. Both win
12. return*

Title Page
1. In a Jungle that thrives underneath the sun, lives a feud that has just begun. Leo the lion and Travis the Tiger compete to be the leader of the glorious empire.

*2. Tall green trees and furry little friends all make a home where two need to make a mends. They battle for ownership of this luscious environment. And aspire to be the one the critters call king of it.

3. Today is a very special day for Leo and Travis. They are going head to head in a foot race forking in the jungle. Travis is a very nervous for the race while Leo looks suspiciously confident.

4. They go to the start line and a rabbit referee says, “ready, set, go!” as soon as they hear this, they speed off!

5. Leo is up to his devious tricks again! Leo and Travis running side by side. Leo, running all the way ahead, flips a sign making travis go the wrong way instead.

6.  Travis went the wrong way and into a dead end.

7. A couple seconds later the crowd was cheering “king Leo, King Leo!” He was upset that he fell for the lions trap. Travis wondered further into the woods to look for help back to the race.

8. Travis sees a turtle in the distance. He walks over to the  elderly turtle, who asked travis if he was lost.

9. The wise turtle trained Travis everyday, preparing him for the big race against that Leo the Lion. The wise turtle knew that leo was a cheater. The wise turtle trained Travis the tiger moves like how to go around or jump over the hole.

10. Another important thing that the wise turtle taught Travis was that respect is the key to winning. The turtle taught travis to respect everyone. He had a lot of confidence that travis was going to win the race but he wanted Travis to be respectful after the win. They trained for many days and nights.

11. After travis finished his training with The Wise Turtle, he challenged Leo to another race. Leo accepts the challenge.

12. While standing at the starting line, Leo starts to make fun of Travis because he lost the first race, but Travis knows that Leo only won because he cheated and he will cheat again. So he prepared himself for the sign change.

13.  Then Leo says “you are not good enough to win against me,why are you even trying. Have you not learned your lesson the first time?”

14.  However, through all of the bullying, Travis thought to himself about what the turtle told him to “always be respectful of others”.

15. The race begins and the lion pulls ahead quickly

16. Leo tries to trick Travis again with the wrong way sign. But he didn’t fall for it.

17. Travis is being very careful because he has a bad feeling that leo will set up more traps.

18. Then he saw a huge hole and just knew that it was another one of leo’s traps. When he got to the huge hole he jumped right over it. He was so happy because he was almost to the finish line.

19. Leo goes the wrong way and falls into his own hole.

20. Travis was just about to win the race but he returns to help Leo and they finish together.

21. As they both reach the finish line, with excitement and pride. Leo now realizes that cheating isn’t right, and that he shouldn’t cheat again for the rest of his life.

22. Both Leo and Travis return to where they live. Soon after, Travis and Leo become friends and they live happily ever after.

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