Please upload your groups gamemaker file to the link below:…
You will turn in:
Photoshop - Mock Up of the product
Illustrator - Logo design for your toy/company
Answer the following questions to complete your proposal: (double spaced / 1 page min.)

1. What is your toy?/ How does it solve your discrimination problem?
2. Analyze prior efforts made by other toy makers:
3. Why are such toys rare?
4. Why is your toy different/better?
5. How does your toy work?
6. What is the cost of your toy? (Production/Sale) and why

To create an Ad for your toy (illustrator and photoshop) Must be a full page advert. (8.5"x11" / Full Color)
Here is a link to my paper:………

G2: All files…

W3: All Files…

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