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Discuss Art. We value all kinds of artists and designers, it is a part of our story from start to finish. Our group welcomes all users - even if you are a beginner. Share you style, talk about off-topic things, or ask us anything - we accept your philosophy.

All languages are welcomed. No limitations!
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Aug 1, 2020


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No deviants to display.
Welcome to the Art Division Squad!

The rules are rather simple and should be understandable. Read carefully so you can avoid breaking them. This implies to all users and co-founders. If you have a problem with someone from the group, please contact us!

1. No Harrassment/Bullying - We do not allow bullying or harassment of any kind.

2. No Offensive Swearing - Do not use words that could intend to being offensive or just being mean, we do not tolerate commentary use or hate speech against a person or a group. It's okay to send some bad words but without a reason then you cannot swear regardless.

3. No Advertisement - We do not allow advertisement, sharing YouTube videos with external links are fine but do not post them here regardless, please use private messaging instead.

4. No Spam - Absolutely no spam! That includes posting lyrics, overused emojis, and overall images.

5. No Drama - Do not start or bring up drama, please take it else-where.

6. No Attention - Do not cause problems in the server to get people's attention, that is disruptive and very rude. (Example; excessive language, self-harming, etc.) Please seek help.

7. No Violence - Making death threats or any act of violence is prohibited here, making jokes or sending dangerous messages will result a removal from the group.

8. No eRP - We do not allow erotic role-playing here. We may allow general RP here but as long as it follows our guidelines.

9. No Stealing Art - Claiming artwork or another individual's creation (example; music, drawing, sculpture, etc.) is unacceptable and may result a removal from the group. You can share other artwork for your support, but just make sure you give credit to whom made it.

10. No False Reports - Do not post false information or any act of re-posting news, this group is a panic-free community.

11. No Posting Unwanted Topics - Discussing anything involving discrimination or ranting against an individual, a group, racism, religion, or any other Discord servers is NOT allowed. Please keep every conversation appropriate.

12. No Posting Inappropriate Topics - You are not allowed to discuss sensitive topics such as rape, sexual abuse, assault, or any personal subjects involving a minor or another individual.

About us - nothing much, we just chat and enjoy life while it lasts.

That is all. Enjoy your stay. Have fun and make plenty of effort!
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