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Yellow Fields

Re-focusing on my goals and the fun in my fine art. That is how I like to shape a scenery and apply the colors :)
Oils on canvas, 30x40 cm.

Painted losely after a public domain photo reference.

As always thanks so much for your faves and comments, it is all greatly appreciated! You help me keeping things up, for sure!
Sharing welcome!
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reminds me of the greats of past
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:bow: thanks so much for this huge compliment, very flattering :)
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thank you very much!! :)
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I love this! The unique brush strokes emphasize the of serenity of this painting. The colors here really pop. Quite impressive!
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So glad you do, thank you very much! :)
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This is Really Very Nice , Interesting , Creative , Realistic , Colorful , Pretty , Picturesque , Natural , Alive , Peaceful , Positive , Bright , Light , Dreamful , Calm , Unique and Amazing artwork ! This scene look likes Interesting and Unique , My Congratulations to You ! :)
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Again, thanks you very much! :)
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sehr schöne arbeit, ich mag die freundlichen und leuchtenden farben sehr... :D

ist der titel einfach nur auf die darstellung bezogen oder auch eine anspielung auf die gleichnamige platte von eberhard weber?
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Ich danke Dir! Der Titel ist einfach dem Motiv geschuldet, den von Dir genannten Musiker kenne ich leider nicht.
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hab ich mir gedacht... :D

eberhard weber haben wir in den 70ern viel gehört, er hat im weitesten sinne "jazzrock" gemacht, war aber etwas besonderes, da er einen elektrischen contrabass gespielt hat - ich glaube, er war sehr gut und ein echter virtuose - hmmm, ich sollte ihn tatsächlich mal wieder anhören... :D
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So beautiful and Impressionistic!  Looking at it gives me a relaxing feeling~
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Thanks so much for your lovely words! :)
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This is fun! I love how you've almost 'sculpted' the image with such thick paint. The bright, lively colors are a welcome sight to me, as I stare out my window at a winter landscape with fierce, freezing wind blowing icy snow around. Shivering - 13 NaNoEmo #25 The trail in your painting beckons me to walk into the landscape and frolic in the tall, warm grass...
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Thanks again so much! Yes, almost "sculpting" with colors is a lot of fun to me and I love to do so in my palette knife paintings. It is also a great way to play with thin layers and thick strokes as contrasting textures.
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Thanks so much!! :)
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Thank you very much! :)
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Lovely. The colors looks so full of life. Refreshing :)
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