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The Mandarin

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You'll never, EVER, see him coming, so deal with it!!

The Mandarin, also known as Tem Borjigin, also known as Zhang Tong, also known as Krishna Pandit Bhanji, also known as Ben Kingsley, also known as Trevor Slattery.
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And the true leader of the true Ten Rings would like to have a word with him.
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"Haters gonna hate."

And we will.
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NagnetoHobbyist Writer
While I love Ben Kingsley, that thing was not the true Mandarin. The Mandarin is Iron Man's #1 arch enemy, and they treated him like shit. Imagine if they pulled this with Batman and The Joker.
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That is such a great "not giving a shit" stride.  Fantastic.  Personally, I really liked that twist.  My 2 biggest grievances with Ironman 3 is that Guy Pierce's army is composed solely of wounded US veterans and that is incredibly insensitive.  And the second is Guy Pierce's character itself.  He's doing all this just because Tony snubbed him at a party 10 years ago?  That is so stupid and petty.

That type of character is explored in Jane Austin's super hero book "Soon I Will be Invincible" with the villain Dr. Impossible.  Everything he does is based on the hero Corefire stole his girlfriend back in high-school.  15 years later, he confronts Corefire and reveals it and the best part is the guy has no recollection of it or him!  Dr. Impossible has been wasting his life on petty revenge!  Picture that scene where Guy Piece is telling Tony is origins and imagine his reaction if Tony stated that he had absolutely no memory of him.

At least according to the Ironman 3 mobile game, Guy Piece is now MODOK, the most stupidly awesome villain ever.
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This guy is in my top twenty favorite fictional characters of all time. Right up there with Coulson. I desperately hope Mr. Kingsley has a nice long future with Marvel.
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Nice depiction of the Mandarin! I can practically hear the quote: "Well, I did panic...then I handled it." *cracks open another beer* 
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ABartproductionsStudent General Artist
i love it hahahahhahaah
Very good composition ^-^
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StevetheDawgHobbyist Traditional Artist
Just finished watching Hail to the King today and when I saw this I said to myself, "Aw Yeah". Could totally imagine Trevor doing this in the prison cafeteria.
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Great take of funny character

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Turns out he is not the all. All Hail The King shows that there is a real Manderian the The Ten Rings are is about to lose his life.
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Generalobiwankenobi7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was plesently surprised with this take on the Mandarin for a few reasons. One, Ben Kingsley is hilarious in this role. Two, it was a good twist. And three, the Mandarin in the comics has never struck me as a villain for Iron Man. Iron Man on his own tends to take on foes like him who use advanced technology and science. While the Mandarin does have some of that element he's also a mystical eastern villain who seems more like a foe for Dr. Strange or Iron Fist.
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I love it.
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Art-CalaveraProfessional Digital Artist
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GCWarri0rHobbyist General Artist
That's awesome
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BlazeDriverHobbyist Digital Artist
This movie was amazing. I like how they treat the cinema Marvel universe like a separate to the comic Marvel universe like they're supposed to.
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I liked the twist, for the sake of the twist, but the movie...was terrible.

And they ruined the original Mandarin. What will you feel, when (for example) in Amazing Spider Man the guy who shoot Ben was the "real Lizard" or something?

I just wanted badass Mandarin from the trailers (not even a Chinese Asian guy, Kingsley was fine) with technological rings. Damn - If you do not want rings, give him Extermis virus instead! Was that a big deal?

But Kingley actor skills still were amazing. And your art is great also. And funny.

PS: Sorry for my bad English. I am not native english speaker.
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I SWEAR this was Ben Kingsley's best role....I love everything he does, but that top knot just got me. 
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Art-CalaveraProfessional Digital Artist
The man is a true master of method acting, that's for sure.
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tomytieneblas74Student Traditional Artist
No, him being a drunken washed up stage actor and fall guy ? Now THAT we  didn't see coming ! :D
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Este cambio no gustó a mucho, pero a mí me gustó y me hizo gracia, me pareció una buena forma de adaptarlo
Y esta imagen lo refleja muy bien ^^
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You know what I don't get why are people saying the Manadarian is named after a fruit when really the dude was named after one of two dialects of Chinese with Cantonese as the other dialect in China?

My biggest question is does the Manadarian have a brother named the Cantonese?
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Even though I dislike what they did to the Mandarin this is pretty awesome.
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I enjoyed the movie and Ben Kingsley did great as both "Mandarin" and Trevor. Still wish the though it would have had the intimidating villain trailers promised. :D FAVE
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Laharl234Hobbyist Writer
[link] < the REAL Mandarin. The Mandarin made the absolute worst transition to film in superhero history. The Donnerverse Lex Luthor was done better. Even Schumacher's Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy were better. EVEN BANE FROM THE SAME MOVIE WAS BETTER! Iron Man 3 should be remade by someone who actually knows the comics.
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