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Elven Lords

By Art-Calavera
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Lord Elrond Peredhil, Lady Galadriel of the Galadhrim and Thranduil the Elvenking.
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Three rings for the elven kings under the sky
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I love the fact that, despite everything, Thranduil will ALWAYS have but two things that go above EVERYTHING else.

1: Wine
2: Legolas

And is obviously far more interested in wine than being in the picture.
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I love how is Thranduil always drinking something. So boooored he HAS to drink. he just has to :-) Lol.
AlexandraBowmanArt's avatar
Thranduil - LOL!

I adore the coloring style that you chose!
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And and of course the open king is getting wasted because he's in people's company the antisocial butt
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where is thranduil looking? haha great work! 
(just wondering as well, where and who is legolas' mum? 100 internets to who can give an answer)
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Thranduil is to fabulous to look at us.
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Great Job!My favourite is Galadriel!
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I just love it! Beautiful style you have (:
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I bet Thranduil will be great in the next two Hobbit films :) .
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Awesome work! This was featured on our blog: [link] :)
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This is so amazing <3
Elenor-GreanLeEf's avatar
Very much like this. I like your style a lot.
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Thranduil has a wine drinking problem...
Also, your new style is quite awesome.
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Also, it's not a problem if it makes you happy.

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It's good once in a while, but the old one is x10 more hardcore and no less awesome.
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Okay, I give up! I already liked The three Wise Men and now I think the next thing I should do is simply add you to my devwatch...
Your style fits the LOTR just great :)
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