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Vegeta - Re-render v.2

This model was made in 2011, but I've been using him as an example in my digital sculpting class for a lecture on rendering in ZBrush 4r6. 

Anyways, turned out pretty cool, so I'm uploading it. :) Enjoy. 
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Wow, he looks really scary here. Nice job! One of my favorite all-time villains--turned--anti-hero.
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Vegeta was a prison bitch! -Nappa
tsukiyama-art's avatar
Yeah, that's him dude. :D
almox21's avatar
holy fuck he looks scary
longlovevegeta's avatar
I envision him going "Nyehhh Sheeee??" like the gangster guy from the Bugs Bunny cartoons xD…
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Haha! That's fantastic XD
Propitiated4's avatar
LOL..Bulma is supposed to be hot and somehow I don't see her going after a face like this lol but a good evil version of him
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Totally agree with you! This is how I saw him as a kid. ;) 
BobberWCC's avatar
Haha, this looks amazing!
I love the style!
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Thanks so much! 
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His left eye (his left) perfectly captures that wilyness of his character.
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Thanks for noticing! :D
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