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SatAm Dr. Robotnik

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Dr. Robotnik from the SatAm Sonic cartoon. I hope it does him justice!

Please see 360 view here:

Please see my other Sonic work bellow:

Sonic and Dr. Robotnik are copyright SEGA
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What's interesting is your design gives the impression he ALWAYS had black and red eyes, they look organic. I don't know what is creepier, that he once had ordinary human eyes which he replaced with cybernetics or that he's simply born with black and red eyes, I mean if his skull is that shape, then I guess he is a mutant in general.

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This is terrifying but nice job!
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I can hear Gary Chalk's voice (Underground Robotnik).
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Awesome. Just in time to destroy the hedgehog.
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Well, well, well...Snewble, snooping as usual I see
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Oh, that's good, that's very good indeed!
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This was a very nasty villain, the best Robotnik character of all. Only one issue was all these "gasping" he often does like he had a orgasm everytime he talks. Also he act like the complete opposite of the silly version of Dr. Robotnik from "Adventures of Sonic".

Like I said: He is the best version of Robotnik in my opinion.
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I love this! Could I please have a download?
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the boot's look great, even if they are different, it is an artistic license.
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98 percent good, i can forgive him having 2 organic arm's, my only complaint is his mustache is de-epicified.
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Haha. Again, thank you so much for the kind words! 
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Can I have a download link?
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This looks so cool! Kinda reminds me of Wario a bit. lol.
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Thanks so much! Your comics are sweet! 
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Oh, very nice.  More attention to anatomy than you normally see on him.
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O.O nice but... thanks very much for nightmares.
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Epic! Reminds me of my pre-calculus teacher back from when I was in high school! 
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haha, nice! Glad you enjoy it. 
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Among all the Robotniks/Eggmen, this guy was by far the most evil. I just wish he had a more evil-sounding VA.
He also looks like a bald version of my neighbor.
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