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Needed to add eyebrows and mustache (black color)
However this is fantastic
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This looks amazing!
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So rockin' looking. I love the balance of the intricate and original styles. There have been so many games that aim to recreate the Toriyama's style - I would absolutely LOVE to play game that looks like this for a change.
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Thanks so much for your comment Zak! I really appreciate it. You noticed the style I was going for and that is awesome! .... p.s. your stuff is always so inspiring. I want to remake your ff7 designs in 3d! 
ZedEdge's avatar
Whoa now - I may just explode - haha! That would be so ridiculously awesome - you're totally welcome to.  :D

And thanks for the kind comments. I get a lot of inspiration from your art too (it's actually in my screensaver slideshow ;D).
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this is a wicked picture of nappa!! love it ! Yours Sincerely Brendon Hopgood
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"He tooooook the dragon ballllll..."
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His smile looks so creepy!
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That moment you read this in his voice Son, I'm disappoint 
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I can't see his mustache
SchwarzeDrache's avatar
It's there... a very blond tiny mustache
WingsOfReparation's avatar
God damn it, Nappa. 
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Hilariously derailing one-liner!
Fmanchch's avatar
Some going to get raped.....
cold-sparkles's avatar

/ congratulations
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Very cool! His mustache could be a little darker, but very good!
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Thanks! I agree.... :)
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"Look. I'm going to hit you very hard. That's bad. But it won't hurt much. You'll be dead before I even know it.... That's good."
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He looks quite a lot more realistic and more like a villan compared to the anime napa.
+more likeable :)
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