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Hand Topology

This is usually the base mesh I use for my hands. Sometime depending on the model I will add or subtract polygons in areas like the finger tips, etc...

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Thanks. Very nice.

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I have a question as a fellow modeler, but first I would like to comment on how amazing the topology of this hand is. I'm still at a loss on how to model hands. Although my current one is much better than my previous ones.
Anyways, my question how are the deformity of the fingers when you animate them. I always put have 4 loop cuts for deforming sections of my models and I see that your hand doesn't really have any loop cuts on the fingers and thumb.

How are the deformity of the hand when she forms something like a fist? I'm just wondering if there's a need for me to use that many loop cuts.
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Thanks! Yea, In production, I'll add a bunch more loops in the finger joints based on my animator's preference. 
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Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my long posts, but I'm trying to get better at this. So you would add loops depending on the animator. Then would that mess up the UVs at all? Also, when you model do you just eyeball the topology? or do you have a reference?
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No worries. all good Q's. Usually I just ask my animator if I have provided enough loops before giving him the file. Simply inserting an edge loop will not alter your UV's. I use reference all the time when retopoing. However, I have been getting better with each model I resurface. This is one of my fav topology references for the main human forms.…
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I just noticed that there are 6 poles on the knuckle of the hands. Would that cause any problems when it's deforming? I was told by my teacher to never have six poles because it cause pinching when it's deforming during an animation.
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you could put a ring between those for sure. Esp. if you plan on subdividing the mesh for anything besides sculpting. 
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Ah this is freakin amazing D: If only I was so good as u ;v;
Great job!
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Thanks for sharing !! That's so clean ! Too bad i didn't see this before doing my hand's topology... -_- It's reaaallyyy messier than yours, but i've spend so much time on it i can't force myself to redo it D':
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
No problem! I am glad it helps! Good luck! :)
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That looks waaaay better then the mess I have ^^
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hand topology is a pain, and these look really clean and tidy. I really like how you minimized the edgeloops going out of the hand down the wrist.
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Thanks! It was a lot of trial and error inside of topogun :P But its worth going through it! Thanks for the kind words!
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This is amazing reference and topology. But I must ask is there an ortho view version of this?
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Nope, just perspectives. I wanted to leave the placement to the artist. :) I hope it helps!
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Damn xP. It does help lulz. I was just hoping for more of a straight on view so I can see better where the lines should be.
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Just what I needed! Thank you. I've noticed that in the foot you have an edge running along separating top and bottom, though here the 'hexagon' is rotated. What works best? I did what you did here, but now I'm afraid that's gonna make UVs annoying.
Art-by-Smitty's avatar
Thanks! Glad it could help...I would have to look at your model, but do what works best for you, depending on the final deliverable, you may want to make a few changes. Best of luck! :)
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cool. I like your topology method. Can you show us please the topology for head and shoulder like as the hand.
great work. really helped.
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thanks for the share. I saw that before. I want to see the face in low poly mode like the hand. It's quite hi you know. Cuase from the low poly I can follow.

Thanks again
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Great your hands !... And more than usefull for me ! So thks for the share.
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