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Man Bites Man-Issue 3 by Art-by-Jilani Man Bites Man-Issue 3 by Art-by-Jilani
Issue 3 cover art from my upcoming collaborative graphic novel called "Man Bites Man," written by Patrick Pena and Illustrated by yours truly, Mohammad Jilani.

In the face of great adversity, humankind thrives on its ability to survive. The question raised is “How far would you go?”

In “Man Bites Man” we are cramped with five seemingly normal people within the confines of their basement with no food or communication, during a Zombie outbreak. Trapped for so long, it starts to appear as though the only way to stay alive would be by eating their last resource...each other.

The book is being illustrated in black and white and has a very dark comedic tone. The intended audience would be any fan of survival/horror or the zombie subgenre. Man Bites man offers a new psychological spin on the survival-horror genre that might just leave your mind twisted in knots.

Issue 1 available here:[link]

And yes, we are on facebook :[link]
zehworstartist Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have only seen a page right now and everything looks like a black and white photo. It's just so real. The illustrator just colors and shades right? Leaving you who's the artist of the comic. Boy, you're amazing =D I would love to purchase this comic book!! n.n
Art-by-Jilani Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you. And yes, all of art is being done single handedly by me. Pencil and ink finished on photoshop. Head over to to see more samples of the work. We’re releasing a limited number of pre-publication issues on the site before the works are compiled and released as a stand alone graphic novel. Nice to have a fan :)
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