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Art is based on an individual's perception, sensation, psychosocial experiences, and emotional tone about life, environment, and complexity of events. Majority of art is visual such as drawing, painting, photography, and the like. It's composition and basic existence is provided by the artist or content creator, thus interpretation is primarily dependent on the artist though in some cases as that of untitled abstract composition; it is open for anyone's interpretation.

Art can be beautiful, uplifting, unique, expressive, scary, wrong or distasteful based on how it was perceived. Art critique exemplifies perception, through this; various levels of artistic skills are identified such as beginner or basic, amateur, intermediate, and advance. An artist may feel that his/her own artwork is amateur based on his/her own perception but patrons and collectors may view it differently. Hence, creativity and skill may be affected either positively or negatively. An artist may say that he/she needs more training solely based on his/her perception thus a more experienced artist can provide tutorials or guidance. When this happens, an aspect of community exists.

This is a group that showcases art in various levels and medium. It accepts basic, amateur, intermediate, and advance levels in any medium (drawing, painting, photography, etc). It is formed for deviant artists willing to promote, share, and be recognized for their artworks.

Anyone can join. Automatic approval.
Founded 6 Years ago
Oct 1, 2017


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Art Collection

1,232 Members
1,102 Watchers
39,858 Pageviews


Any deviant can join this group. There are folders for photography, drawing, digital, anime, photo manipulation, fan art, book covers, literature, among others.

However there are also rules for submission and group behavior such as:

*Submit to the correct gallery folder. (Do not resubmit to other gallery folders if it is already accepted)
*Inappropriate behavior will result to removal (hopefully this will not happen). Be respectful and courteous to other members.
*Do not advertise anything in the comment section because we have a folder for Advertising/Marketing/Services located in one of the gallery folders.

Enjoy the group!!!

Gallery Folders

Debra Paget by peterpicture
The Cloud Ride (Commissioning) by ChannelForty1

Mature Content

howllo and eucliwood run from govermet group by exarfuk
Worlds Apart by peterpicture
AI Fantasy
A lost plane deep in the mountain by Jannix77
Kintsugi by DapperMan
Boars in the swamp by Jannix77
Guys on the pier by Jannix77
AI painting images
Capri Italy vintage travel poster by Jannix77
Nameless Ghoul by RGPC
Meet Daphne by RGPC
bAd_trIp_97 by ARTificialbAdtrIp
AI contemporary images
28.Canvas of Stars The Artistic Jade Grant by EmceePoeticArtist
Dreamlike oasis by xeruthos-AI
What inspired the ancient Egyptians by xeruthos-AI
Plantcore fashion by xeruthos-AI
AI anime images
AI Generated Rron 39 by mig07
Cat by bloklis
Kyojuro Rengoku by mooninthedark12
Rainbow AI Boy by mig07
Photomanipulation Surreal
Photomanipulation Fantasy
What if by Dark-Wayfarer
Prisoner in Holographic Paradise (2011) by Neokiriya
Lady Barbie - Gentleman Ken by Dark-Wayfarer
Forbidden fruits by wanderer1988
Photo Manipulation Dark Horror
I'll be your Fantasy by Dark-Wayfarer
Happy Halloween! (Samhain) by Dark-Wayfarer
I'll be your Fantasy by Dark-Wayfarer
Maiden Lady by Dark-Wayfarer
Photo Manipulation Sci Fi
BARBIE RUNNER 2024 by TheGodofCities1967
Han's Query by TheGodofCities1967
The Carina  Cyborg erotic fantasy 5 by FueledbypartII

Mature Content

Carina -662-x Cyborg part 4 by FueledbypartII
Photomanipulation Other
A Lady and her Gentleman by Dark-Wayfarer
To Finish by Dark-Wayfarer
Nearing The End (Photography) by Galinndin
Mental Disorder by Dark-Wayfarer
Anime Manga Comic
Focus, determination by LegendRiders96
Drawing Line Art
trade by snofry
Digital Abstract
I Am Television by rainbowskunk7
Digital Painting
Hot Spring vacation? by Jumarl
Digital Other
Inferno and Cobra Chopper by MrMegaraptor
Photography Animals
Elephant Butt... that is all by taoistviking
Photography Person
Emelyse008 by ov3
Photography Nature
Perfect Beach, Perfect Sky by taoistviking
Photography Building Architecture
Blue Mosque Malaysia by taoistviking
Photography Objects
Ab umbra 1 by BognaWoskowicz-art
Photography Other
gift by ALAN-KING
Painting Traditional
Green woods by HelviRiitta
Mature Woman

Mature Content

Small Princess by LustMeetsArt
Mature Man

Mature Content

Holding Soft by LustMeetsArt
nico arms by lordLKkamikaze
Fan Art
toralei [fanart] by Ivyshaa
CD: Gothic Butterfly by HaraaJubilee
Trippy Fractal Doodle by taoistviking
Illustration Logo
The Art of Dave Davids by DaveDavids
Bad Guy Falls in Poop (TCA Style)This video was another little something that I was inspired to create quite a while ago. After seeing some "Bad Guy Falls in Poop" crossover videos, I couldn't help but want to make one of my own. The villain that falls into poop is Mario Zucchini, a character from the 2020 "Animal Crackers" movie who was also a henchman of the film's main antagonist: Horatio P. Huntington. Mario himself was voiced by the late Gilbert Gottfried.As with most videos, it features the orangutan, Kip, N'Dugo, and Baleto from the 1997 "George of The Jungle" film by Disney laughing at Mario's misfortune. However, I wanted to make this video something unique and different from the other "Bad Guy Falls in Poop" videos that came before. You see, one thing that I felt annoyed by regarding the previous videos was that they always just featured the "George of The Jungle" characters I mentioned laughing at the villain who falls in poop. So, to help my video stand apart from the others, I added in a clip from three other favorite movies of mine, as well as one from a favorite TV show. Each clip from the programs I mentioned also featured characters laughing, and I felt that it'd be perfect for adding onto the hilarity of the situation. Also, aside from this being a showcase of my video-editing skills, and coming from a desire to entertain others, I'm hoping that this video will encourage others to check out "Animal Crackers". In my opinion, the film is a terrific animated family-comedy that deserves more recognition, and it has all the qualities needed to be worth watching! It's currently only streaming on Netflix, but I'm hoping that this could possibly help encourage "Blue Dream Studios" to gain the rights for releasing the movie on other streaming services and on home video.Take a look:,

Book Cover
Offsite TNE by skyvix
CD Album Cover
Cool Sunset - Album Art Mock Up by taoistviking
Flyers Banners Posters Brochures
Untitled by xwerly
Designs and Interfaces Other

Mature Content

Gutted by mildly-comic-al
Craft Sculpture Artisan Etsy
Tetrahedron with a Square Inside (TS-09) by RNDmodels
Likely Rron by mig07

Mature Content

Himeko and Kafka [TEASER] by NDK7
Stock and Images
Blank Swatch Charts Set #1 [Printable] by AwesomeStock
Textures Background PSD
Youve met with a terrible fate havent you by sapperisdum64
PS Actions
ych mountains [auction open] by atmnjester
PS Brushes
open3\3 chibi set price by Archivistsoot
Advertising Marketing Services
YCH AUCTION | OPEN by chto-to








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