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The article 5 (E) - THE ILLUSION OF OUR WORLDInformation. Education. Mental practices.Available in Russian and English *** Please go first to the article "DICTIONARY OF NEW TERMS" (English version) and get acquainted with the terminology that I will use. Well, or you can read it as necessary. Thank you! THE ILLUSION OF OUR WORLD Hello, dear friends! The topic that I was allowed to illuminate is very difficult to understand in terms of 3D-thinking. It differs from my first four articles in that in those articles I used algorithms that work for the "sleeping" observer (in this context - a person), but this article is designed for those who are starting to "wake up". Unfortunately, I cannot put all the information in one article, so there will be a continuation. But before I get to the point, I'd like to give you a little introduction. First, this information is not invented by me. It came to me through my internal development channels and was confirmed by the channelings and lectures I listened to. However, there may be some inaccuracies in the interpretation of what I saw and understood, because I, like everyone else, have refraction of my reality, which is an individual setting. The truth, in the conventional human interpretation, does not exist. Each of you will have your own unique understanding of this text, because we all have different levels of awareness, what affects the ability to perceive knowledge that goes beyond the illusion. However, I still urge you to accept what you read only as information that is available to your consciousness at this moment of your linear perception of time, as a certain start of your spiritual development, as something that is in you initially and it's just activated by me. Second, if the information causes you anxiety, an emotion of fear, or complete rejection, try to realize that you are simply following a scenario plan that implies such a reaction. Negation of anything is just an interference program of the Ego that blocks our perception of things that are not within the limits allowed by karma. This may mean that your Soul contract may not include a point for reaching the fourth dimension or increasing the vibrations of awareness. Or it may mean that deconstructive forces are trying to keep you in an illusion. However, if the information I gave you "leaked" into your consciousness, it means that your Soul requested it. And third, try to accept the information with your heart, not with your mind. Before reading, relax, smile, feel yourself in the flow of divine creation, let go of skepticism (let it temporarily rest on the sidelines) and answer yourself whether you need this information or not. If the answer is "Yes", then let's go, dear friends! I have already said that we are under an illusion. But in order to understand how this works, we first need to know how our creation works from the point of view of the Higher mind. And we will start with the concept of space. Space is a model of the illusion where the interaction of things at the level of consciousness is created in accordance with a conditional time value. For us, this space unfolds in the understanding of variable linear time and a three-dimensional image (length, width, height). Our space has a narrow viewing angle, that is, we can fix the image with our peripheral vision, but, as a rule, we see clearly only the object on which our attention is focused. For example, there are spaces where embodied souls see themselves from a "third point", as if the camera first captures the object from all sides, and then unfolds the shot on a plane. There are spaces without vector time and spaces with zero time. There are spaces without volume parameters... In short, there are many spaces that we can and cannot understand. Take water, where the refraction of sound and light has other parameters, where there is no concept of top and bottom (Yes, this is also a space where only people can define the top and bottom, because the codes of gravity are embedded in our perception. For the inhabitants of this space, such categories do not exist). As for the viewing angle, it makes it clear that until we see an object, feel it with at least one of our 5 senses, and this object is not displayed in our so-called memory, this object does not exist in our reality. It is the same with the past and the future. What we consider to be the past fixed only in our memory as key events and vaguely manifested sensations, and it's also displayed in photos. Moreover, this fixation is also an illusion that we take for reality. The future for us is just plans, assumptions, fantasies. As a result, no matter how hard we try to come up with clear answers to the questions "where does the past go" and "where does the future come from", we return again and again to the point "here and now", where we feel ourselves through internal and external manifestations. The internal ones include the beating of heart, pain, swallowing, a stomach rumble, etc., that is, exactly what we can feel (hear), but not see. Our knowledge also belongs to our internal manifestation. For example, we know that we have ears, even though we only see them in the mirror and can only identify them by touch. We believe that the globe represents the real landscape of the Earth, although we have never seen the planet from Space. But we have this knowledge, or rather, the codes of this knowledge, which means that in our illusory reality it exists on the internal manifestation. The external manifestation is, accordingly, what we see in the vector of our review. Note that we can't see our face or back either, so these concepts exist for us in the inner spectrum as a code. And if we forget about the photo and the mirror, we can say that our appearance does not exist for us. To make it easier to understand what I'm talking about, I'll digress to a brief description of the structure (setting) of a person (I'll talk about this in more detail in other articles). Now I will ask you to go to the end of the article and read the terminology that I will use. Well, or you can read it as necessary. So, there is a Soul. This is the Supreme Intelligence, which belongs to the system of the Absolute and at the same time is a representative of the Original Source. The Soul creates the emotional framework of the Observer (in this case, the person) through the passage of experience in various planes of the Universe, that is, through reincarnation. The Soul does not regenerate thought forms. Its goal is achievement the maximum possible emotional surge in the range of tasks set by it through energy exchange with other Souls and acting out the scenario in which it is a co-author. At the request of the Soul, the installation of the Incarnation Cell begins. This a complex of multi-frequency energy fields that include the chakra system and, depending on the type of energy-exchange, the Merkaba. In fact, this is us - pulsating, iridescent spherical capsules surrounded by various energy fields. This is how we are seen by the Overminds, but not in the form of a beautiful flower, a charming puppy or a person with arms and legs. Next, they start to select the observer Status, in simplified terms, they program the Avatar's form and personality characteristics, such as social status, temperament, preferences, capabilities, and limitations. The Worlds Creators, in turn, prepare the space (the illusory world in detail). A scenario plan is being written. And in conclusion, the Contract is signed between the Soul and the Higher Self. Of Course, this Contract is not on paper, but it's real in terms of compliance with its points. And as soon as all this complex is assembled, algorithms are activated, which is why our consciousness begins to identify itself according to the individual plan of three-dimensional space. (I described everything from the point of existence of linear time. In fact, everything happens at the zero point of the time coordinate.) Let's return to the subject of illusion. The latter is prepared so that the experience is bright and reliable, so that we, people, believe that we are dense, material structures living on the real planet Earth, that we make our own decisions, that there is good and evil in the world, that our neighbor really turns on the drill on Saturdays, not letting us rest. However, we are just energies working in a system of energy-exchange with those with whom the Soul has contracted through the Higher Self. And we, so to speak, are observing ourselves (Hawthorne effect). However, the illusion of our density is one of the most energy consuming. It's rich in the number of forms and events. Synchronicity is well thought out here. Various Civilizations, the Teachers system, the Monad, the Higher Self, the Hierarchy of Time, Angels and Archangels work for us, and more specifically for the project called "Humanity"... And yet everything that unfolds around you is a movie, and a movie for an audience of one you. This movie is created in such a way that only those quantum particles that are being observed take shape. We look at the chair it exists for us. Then we look at the window, and the chair becomes fuzzy, as we mistakenly assume because it is captured by peripheral vision. But the answer is much more banal: everything that is not in the focus of our attention has simplified codes. And then we turn away from the chair altogether. And it's gone, it has become the primary code of the quantum Universe. The same thing happens to people. You communicate with a person, hold his hand, say nice words, he responds to you, but in reality, it all plays out in your mind. The same illusory scenario occurs in the mind of the person whom you are talking to, with the difference in perception that the narration is always in the first-person. Interestingly, this communication could occur in a time shift, that is, according to the perception of the time of one person, the communication began at seven in the evening, and his interlocutor - at 19:20. But the synchronicity for which the Higher Self is responsible was performed with the minimum error allowed in communicating with Souls. And you both kind of existed at the same time, touched each other, etc. To better understand the working scheme of the illusion, imagine that you are a projector that shows itself a movie where you are the main character. In the next room, there is an identical "projector" with its own movie. Multiply this image by the number of Souls. Now imagine that there are Souls who have karmic tasks in common with you (your parents, children, spouse, friends...). The closer your interaction according to the scenario plan, the more similar moments will be in your films. A short single meeting is a second-long episode that is embedded in your film and in the film of the person with whom the meeting took place. After everything you've just read, do you think there's a difference in whether a person has died or left you forever? Beyond all doubt, the only difference is in our perception. In both cases, it means that the karmic interaction of Souls in this incarnation has ended. But in the illusion, everything works differently. In the first version, it will be activated algorithms for heartache and loss, and in the second, it will be activated algorithms for joy for the person that he is alive, healthy and happy, especially if he will "call and send letters" to you. Therefore, people who come out of the illusion, see the world wider and brighter, are filled with light and feel love for everyone, not just for those to whom they have codes of kinship attachment. Another aspect. There is a concept of "Soul coordinates", for which the Monad is responsible. Therefore, the coordinate system will indicate our location: in what country and city we are located, at what height from the ground, and so on. The codes of these "movements" will trigger algorithms that will form the corresponding internal and external perceptions. Moreover, there will be a reaction in the mode programmed by the Monad. For example, if our consciousness notes that we are at home, the Matrix codes will unfold a familiar picture of the apartment in front of us. These same codes will trigger certain algorithms: for some, they are associated with relaxation, for others - with irritation, etc. Therefore, even if we realize that we are in the Matrix, we cannot ignore this game. If we jump from the 10th floor, it's 99.9% that the algorithms will start disabling us from the game (we will die). If we go on a picnic, away from the city egregors, we are charged with energy both in the Matrix system (our illusory Self feels elated, energized, satisfied...), and through the energy-exchange fields with wildlife. You know, as I write this, my husband is sitting in the next room watching a movie, and outside the window, children are screaming, and a dog is barking. This is how Anna (my illusory Self) perceives the situation. But at the same time, the part of me that is responsible for free thought forms is perfectly aware that the sound of the TV, the cry of children, the barking of a dog, and... the screeching tires of a car that has just passed are activated codes in my mind according to the script. And there is no room, no street, not even a wall that seems to be behind me. However, there is no my back either. Many people will be shocked, but I repeat for the hundredth time, this is reality. Frankly, the exit from the illusion leads to a tangible peace of mind, because many hooks (something that can control our emotions) disappear. I'll give you an example. If you hear a drill buzzing behind a wall and it gives you a toothache, and even anger at a neighbor who, in principle, does not exist (this sound is part of the scenario plan, added to your illusion as an irritating element), then you can get stuck in the destructive for a long time. However, when you understand the nature of what is happening, you immediately learn the lesson, and the sound disappear as inexpedient. What is important to know. The planet, the Solar system, the stars, the continents and oceans, everything that comes into our field of vision - none of this is real. There is only energy: - the energy of the Earth as an intelligent creation, designated in consciousness as a part of our space; - energy of Souls embodied in people, animals, plants, minerals... Moreover, we only come into contact with energy-exchange fields with those who have dense plexus of the script with us, that is have karmic interaction; - energy of Egregor systems and entities of the unmanifested world. The latter can be both from higher dimensions (Angels, for example) and of a vampiric nature (incubus, succubus, demons...); - energy of the star system (Astrology)... We have energy exchanges with everything, and this is expressed in equivalents (space digital codes. Not to be confused with the familiar numbers). These energy-exchanges have constructive, destructive and zero coefficients. For example, communication with pets is a constructive energy-exchange, and energy-exchange with Civilizations can occur both constructive and destructive. The egregor of nature is a constructive energy, but the financial egregor is destructive energy. But we will talk about these nuances in another article. Now I would like to focus on the phantoms that are part of the illusion. Event synchronization is a very complex process, because it must be placed in the scenario plan of our linear time. That's why they create a lot of phantoms for us. For example, if you go to a Museum with a friend, you will, naturally, meet a crowd of people there. And only a few of this crowd may turn out to be phantoms of real Souls. The rest will be projected only for the fullness of the illusion and will be a live screensaver. And since the manifestation of the illusion for each Soul is individual, the number of "extras" may be different, and they could look different (only images that display common karmic tasks are more clearly synchronized). This saves a lot of Space energy. So, do not argue with a person who assures you that were a lot of ill-mannered people in the Museum. His phantoms may well have been playing the ignorant, teaching him a lesson, what was not in your script. This scheme is valid for all scenarios. One such example is if one Soul needs to experience the emotions of a scandal, and the other - does not. Imagine that you are fighting with a neighbor. If you both have this experience written into your script, then Yes, you will both be synced for this conflict. If your Soul needs this experience, but your neighbor seems to fall out of the scenario plan, then you are synchronized with his phantom, that is, in your illusory reality, you will quarrel, and in his illusory reality will be no quarrel. Remember that each of us sees his own movie? So, the space-time continuum and events don't have to be synchronized in detail. Why was this said? The experience of the Soul is what the whole game is about. Therefore, let your Soul enjoy a surge of anger, indignation, and even resentment (this does not apply to awakened people, they have a completely different experience of Souls), but do not offend the interlocutor, track your thoughts and words, and then dissolve this emotion as unnecessary, because the Soul is sated and ready for positive again. If you get bogged down in a negative emotion, all the time you will mentally return to it, then you can turn on the algorithms of ailments and even serious illness. This is always the case with "sleeping" people, because they all have the directive thought forms. But for those who read these lines, there is a range of fluctuations in thought forms, because all who read this are awakening Souls. Another important point. The Internet, phones, gadgets all this is an illusion brought into our Matrix by the Architect, or to be more precise, by a Civilization that has the Matrix codes of the Architect. (By the way, we have more the Architect's codes than the Absolute's codes. Don't you want to think about it?) So, we watch news, movies, listen to music, we spend hours in social networks, not realizing that we are plunging into the illusion of the main illusion. In principle, there is nothing terrible about this, it is also a type of energy exchange. However, for "sleeping" people, this experience shifts more towards the destructive, because usually these people are outraged, worry, scold the government, they judge politicians and artists who are part of illusion, that is, they firmly destroy themselves in the Matrix. The awakened ones use technology only for information exchange (if they use it), because they prefer to be outside the zone of destructive influence. People who are on the path to awakening begin to limit themselves in connection with destructive energies and try to get rid of directive thought forms. Some of these methods are meditations, nature walks, any kind of art, and live music. Small digression. Listening to heavy rock or heavy metal is also a type of meditation, or rather, a way to liberate and release negative emotions. But if a person is a serious fan of destructive music, sooner or later he will unbalance all his energy, which will lead to degradation. Then the Monad has the right to disconnect this person from the system, which in our illusion can be displayed as an accident, suicide or murder. The important point are also phone conversations. It is normal to use a phone, for example, to make an appointment or ask about the health of a loved one. But to chat on the phone for hours, it means to give your energy to the Architect's piggy-bank, because through technology we do not connect with real Souls, we communicate with their phantoms, and they with ours, and only then does the information sync. That is why I encourage all people to communicate live. Even if you just hold hands in silence and watch the sunset, it already symbolizes that you are in an energy exchange with real Soul. Now, when space is stratifying into 3D and 4D dimensions, almost all the forces of the Worlds Creators and screenwriters, which include Civilizations, the Higher Self, Teachers system and some other substructures, are spent on building new Matrices with a new eventfulness. This is why they turn off a lot of phantoms in order to thin out the space of the Earth. The coronavirus takes only a small percentage of real Souls (only those who took such an experience), the others who died from the coronavirus are phantoms brought into our space to settle certain scenario lines. In addition, the personal statistics that are displayed to us are different. For example, what I see is not a frightening picture for me, because in my illusion, the coronavirus is on a sub-plane. And in other people's illusions, this may be a disease they have suffered. However, we must understand that the implemented quarantine program forces us to be isolated not only in illusion, but also in real space, which affects the meager energy-exchange with other Souls. On the one hand, this is a negative experience for the Soul, and on the other, higher systems try to protect us from the accumulation of negative karma, thereby allowing us to get rid of old beliefs, fears and attachments when moving to new spaces (even those who remain in 3D will still find themselves in a new space). Because of this, the time compression algorithm is enabled. Even now, some people feel that the amount of work they could have done before is no longer possible for the same period of time. An illusion is a very strong program, present in many dimensions in the equivalent that is required to complete certain tasks. It masterfully forces us to take the world and ourselves too seriously and dramatically. Moreover, it makes us think that we choose our own path. Alas, the "sleeping" person blindly follows the Matrix codes. And only those who come out of illusions and embark on the path of awakening, begin to get a certain drop of freedom and their scripts are being rewritten for adjusting to the true intentions of the Souls. The freedom of choice that I mentioned in previous articles is based on our Doppelgangers and has a different working scheme. But I'll discuss this topic in another article. My dear ones, remember that there are no random coincidences. Each of our words, thoughts, and events are written in the algorithm that is most beneficial for the experience of our Souls. And only emotions can be adjusted in one way or another by the energy of our consciousness, and then only if the latter is beyond the control of Ego programs and fears. Everything in our Universe strives to develop and gain experience, this is the meaning of our game. To be continued... With love, Anna))) PS: Dear friends, I perfectly fit into our illusion, no matter what I've had Awakening, but I want to remind you that on DA you communicate with my Phantom, and I with yours. But my information and declarations of love will reach everyone with whom I am synchronized. ---------...
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Pale Horse by JustinGedak War Paint by JustinGedak Secret by the Sea by JustinGedak Beauty Beneath by JustinGedak
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