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School Subjects Icons-Logos

By Art-Acolyte
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For now, it's just a PREVIEW.
I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do with them, but I'm posting this anyway, so I can get some feedback. Let's see if you can guess what subjects are represented in which icon :P.

EDIT: PNG versions now available here. Use it as you see fit, if you want to credit me that would be awesome :D
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these are awesome! 
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Lovely icons! Might use them for a t-shirt design! Thanks for posting them!
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Really cool! We will be using them for a children's map project in Austria, if it's okay for you!
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These are really great!
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Dear I will use this for my website... have any problem please let me know.. thanks
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Nice icons Looks good...
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Could I get permission to use a couple of these in our student handbook... maybe a flyer or two?
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Sorry for the extremely late reply. You have permission to use them any way you want. If you may credit me, if you want, but it's not necessary :)
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well i love them! i will love to use them in a blog or a forum :D it will be great that u gie us teh PNGs :D u dont have some one abouth video ?
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A PNG version is now available (see the description).
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They're all very well drawn, and are good in that respect, but I think that all the science ones are a little confusing, About three of them could be translated as biology or genetics. I just think that it lacks clarity. Before these can work, I think you need to research a little more into semiotics.
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I didn't intended them to be strictly assigned to a specific science. I made them in a way they could cover a lot of "ground". The book icon could also stand for "Library", e.g.
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They are very well done! I really like the concept... I hope you dont mind, but I was inspired by the "biology" icon(the one with the DNA)

the finished product is here [link]
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No problem. I'm glad you felt inspired by it.
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My guesses are:
IT Lab
Art drawing
Technical Drawing
Earth Science(Geology)
Physical Education
Literature/Mother Language/Foreign Languages
That's all!^^
+Fav, very nice by the way!!
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Thanks for the fav! :) Very good guessing!
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If you post the vector file, or even a PNG/PSD with transparency, I'll make them into .ico and .icns files for you.
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Thanks, though I can release them as such myself, if someone wants them in .ico and .icns
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I would love to have them in .icns.
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Very Well, I'll release them right away, sir! :P
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Love them! When will you have them finished? And which subject is the one with the little robot?
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I have them finished, and I may release them if you want. The little robot stands for Robotics.
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