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Arc-2 theme for Telegram

I made this theme for personal use but maybe someone else could like it too.
It's not finished yet

Based on:
- Arc Theme by horst3180

- Papirus icon theme…

Instructions (Telegram v1.0):
· Unzip
· Send the archives to any chat
· Click on it

Also avaible through @tthemebot Search: Arc-2

(Forgive my noob english)
- Add Android Bright version
- More fix

- More fix
- Was adjusted the color of the popup window for calls so that it matches the rest of the theme

- Updated Arc-2 Bright with many changes
- Changed the colors of the new emoji, stickers and GIFs panel to blend with the rest of the layout

2017-04-08 Only for Arc-2:
- Added more lines
with the new lines was possible to fix some old issues, for example:
- Text in message is grey instead of white (white in a selected message) same for monospace text.
- Group members name are white while the message is selected.
- fixed the cloud icon color in main menu
- better color for the X button to delete gif in sent gifs (or saved gifs)
asignado color
- More fix

- Add Android version

2017-01-20 Only for Arc-2
- Se invirtió la forma en que lucen los iconos en los mensajes
- Better look for the Loading Circle (or progress circle (?)) for attached files
- Some fix

- Added missing lines that where not included in the sample file released the past year.
- Different color combination in selected messages to solve major visual problems.
- Other things.

- More changes, especially in the music player.

- Change font color for inline notification.

- More fix

- Username in main menu, it is readable now.

- More  tweaks
- Add Bright version

- Some tweaks

- Released
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the buttons ? where is it? in this theme no just i have the old buttons

Could you do a bright version on Android?
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The android version was more like a test, I found many difficulties and I put it aside, I will try now if things have improved.
On of the best theme for Telegram Desktop I've seen! Thank you so much for your job!!
May I kindly ask you to fix the color of the name of addressee (white inscription of "Telegram" on the screenshot)? The screen explains it more exactly.
If you have no time, I'll  to do it by myself. It's gonna be difficult, but I'll try :)
Nevertheless, thank you for an amazing theme!
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Could you, please please please, do this theme for telegram + app? Would be awesome. *-*
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sorry but i cannot make more themes for now, i can't even keep this two updated like i would like 
Art-2  Is there something similar for Numix? Or Do you have a plan for it?
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Is my next goal. 
I started it but due to lack of time I have not been able to finish it yet. surprise me that there is not one yet :/
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Thanks a million!
Love the Arc Dark theme, use it everywhere whenever possible so I'm glad to see it being available for Telegram too!
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These themes are beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing.
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Arc Theme is very nice Nod 
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thank you very much.
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smoooth! well done Sir! specially love the dark theme!
Great job, nice theme
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