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RWBY Watches Ninjago Episode 9 Part 1The Royal BlacksmithsThe group were eager to watch episode 9 of Ninjago.“Oh this is getting intense, two of the Ninja have unlocked there potential but Pythor has 1 of the Fangblades.” Penny said thinking on it“Yeah but Wu is on his way with Garmadon as back up” Weiss said nodding agreed “and as long as Lloyd is the Serpentine’s prisoner the interests between the Ninja and Garmadon align”“Well let us hope that is the case.” Blake said nodding “So what this is called?”“The Royal Blacksmiths” Ruby said reading the title “So it may be a Kai episode since he was a blacksmith and his father was one too”“Well one way to find out” Whitley said sipping some tea and hits play$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$In the recap we see the Serpentine getting the Hypnobrai Fangblade and the Ninja reflecting on that. Nya revealing she is Samurai X along with Jay unlocking his True Portential. We also see Garmadon and Wu begin there climb of the Mountain of Madness“Yeah this was an up and down episode” Nora said with a nod“Let’s hope it is much lighter this episode” Jaune said[Theme Song:- Weekend Whip]Wu: Episode 9, The Royal Blacksmiths$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$The episode starts out at the Desert Pyramid, which had a snake theme to it, where the Serpentine are looking for the next Fangblade which was the Consrictai Fangblade.“I am concerned how people believed the Serpentine was a fictional story with a pyramid like this?” Whitley said thinking on it“Agreed but it is in the middle of a desert” Nora said with a nodSuddenly Pythor stops slithering, which causes Skales to bump into him.Skales: Ugh. Why musssst we sssstop if the next Fangblade is just ahead of ussss?“I am going to assume booby traps” Ren said thinking on itPythor: (Uses his Staff to crumble the floor beneath them) What good is unlocking the Great Devourer with the four Fangblades, if we're not around to see it? Get the boy!“He brings up a good points” Nora said nodding“Least we get to see Lloyd who is hopefully okay” Oscar said thinking on itSkales: Bring the boy!Two Serpentine bring a chained up Lloyd over to Pythor and Skales and then remove his chainsLloyd: Oh, you're letting me go?“Not exactly Lloyd” Nora said feeling sorry for the kidPythor: Heh, only to fetch, my dear boy. (Pythor leads him to the ledge.) Do step lightly. (Lloyd moves across the edge and falls a bit when the floor falls a bit but catches the edge and makes it to the otherside and pulls himself up) Bring me the Fangblade, and I'll let you go.“Yeah, I am sure he is going to keep that promise” Ruby said shaking her headLloyd nods and makes his way and runs to avoid the floor trap, he trips and sees spikes descend down to him and he crawls and gets away. He then steps on a floor button which caused arrows to shoot at him and he avoids them. He makes it to the end and sees a pedestal, but then sees some stones held by a bamboo stick and moves forward to avoid being buried by stone and sand“Phew...that is a relief” Jaune said siging in relief“Yeah, good job Lloyd” Yang said noddingLloyd: (He goes to the pedestal and finds it is empty. He turns and calls out) It's gone! (Echoes)“Woah...someone already found it?” Blake said surprised“Well that is both good and worrying” Whitley said thinking on it “Who could have taken it?”Pythor: (shocked) It's gone!?Skales: Where issss it?Lloyd: (off-screen) Do I still get to be freed?Pythor: No!Lloyd: (disappointed) Ugh!“I would say thought so but...the deal was to bring the fangblade for the freedom so...kind of hard to say Pythor went back on his deal” Ruby said thinking on it“Agreed” Penny said nodding$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$We come to the Destiny Bounty, we see a holo image of a Fangblade as Nya and the Ninja were holding a meeting to discuss the situation.Nya: They got the first one, but there are three more, and we just need one to stop Pythor. They have a map, and we don't, so they question remains: how are we gonna find them first?“Yeah you are on a bit of an unfair disadvantage” Weiss said nodding to think about it.Jay: I still can't get over the fact that you were the mysterious Samurai. Is anyone else blown away like I am?Kai: (little annoyed) We're over that. Can we move on?“Yeah we can but geez calm down Kai” Yang said shocked at Kai snapping like thatJay: (Speaks Gibberish) Someone's a little hot under the collar.Zane: It appears his impatience is because he has not found inner peace and unlocked his full potential like you and I have, Jay.“Yeah I think that would be the case” Penny said thinking on it“Oh defiantly, I think Kai just thinks he is the green ninja which is why it is hard on him unlocking his true portential” Jaune said thinking on it. The others agreed to it.Kai: Great observation, Mr. Roboto, but Cole hasn't found it either.Cole: I got it!“Wait really?!” Everyone said shocked and surprisedKai: (shocked and annoyed) You've unlocked it? Oh, why am I the only one!?Cole: No, I figured out where I recognized the Fangblade from. I have a picture of it. (He goes to get the picture.)“Oh...well that is good too” Nora said as the group laugh at the bait and switch through they are relieved if Cole didn’t get an episode to show it would be unfairKai: relieved and embarrassed) Oh, haha, is that it? Heh. Good.Cole: (returns with the a photo album) I got it! (He shows them the picture of an image of a trophy with a blade similar to the Fangblade coming out of the top)Jay: (takes the photo album to get a closer look) That’s it!“Woah...that...that must be Fangblade from the pyramid” Ren said thinking on it.“Yeah, but what is it and who found it?” Weiss asked thinking on it“If Cole has an image of it, no doubt he knows the story on it” Whitley said with a nodCole: Back where I grew up, there's this pretty big competition where every year the winner gets the Blade Cup. My dad's won it multiple times.Zane: You never told us your dad was an accomplished athlete. What sport?“Yeah, Cole I bet it something to do with strength” Yang said with a smileCole: (looking a bit embarrassed) Oh, h-he's a, uh...a blacksmith.Kai: Nothing wrong with that. My father was a blacksmith, too. But I've never heard of a competition….Cole: (cuts Kai off) That's because he's not a "blacksmith" blacksmith. He's a...Royal Blacksmith. (He turns a page of his album to show them a picture of his dad. Everyone snickers.)“Well there is a bit of a difference but...I don’t get it” Ruby said and a note appearsBlake reads it ‘The Royal Blacksmiths are a barbershop quertet so the competition is a talent contest’ “I see well now we know why Cole is embarrassed”“Yeah but who the guy looks so simple to be Cole’s dad” Jaune said with a thoughtJay: That's your dad?Kai: (curious) But how did the Fangblade become a trophy?“That is what we like to know too” Oscar said with a nodCole: Well, supposedly, the Blade Cup was made by this guy who collected priceless artefacts. His name was something like, uh,, Clutch. Clutch Powers! Anyway, it gets passed on to each year's winner.“Well, that is a good bit of info dump” Penny said and gets some info “Oh, DM77 told me via E-Mail Clutch Powers is a reference to a movie of the same character that came out around the same time as the series”“Oh that is cool” Ruby said smiling and nodding.Zane: Who has it now?Cole: I don't know. I haven't talked to my father in years.“Wait...didn’t we see you getting a letter from your father in the second episode?” Nora asked surprised“I guess they figured talking and sending letters are different” Blake said thinking on itKai: Well then, we'll call him up. (holds out a phone)Cole: You can't! He thinks I'm in Ninjago City training at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts. (He groans as he goes to the ship wheel and steers it a bit.) He wanted me to follow in his footsteps. But when I couldn't sing or dance, well I...I ran away. When he sees I can't dance, he'll know I've been lying in all the letters I've been sending him.“Wow...she doesn’t know Cole is a ninja” Jaune said shocked“Sounds like it” Yang said with a nodZane: He doesn't know you're a Ninja?Cole: What? You gonna crack some joke that my old man wears a tutu?“No, they would never do that Cole” Ruby said with a nod to himKai: No, but if we're going to have any chance at getting that Fangblade before they do, we better get our own act in tune.“So you going to help Cole sell his lie, I look forward to see it” Nora said with a smile and giggle“Yeah me too actually” Weiss said with intrigued$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$We then come to the Realm of Madness where we see Garmadon and Wu climbing the mountain to reach the portal to Ninjago. Wu slips but Garmadon helps him up“It is nice seeing them work together” Oscar said and the others agreedGarmadon: (looking to the sky) I had hoped to reach the summit before the moon has risen. The Craglings never miss a midnight snack.Wu: Craglings? What is this place? There's no such thing in Ninjago.“Yeah but different dimensions it makes sense” Blake said with a nod a nd nervousGarmadon: They're a horde unlike any you've seen. Not all places exist to be found, brother. Sometimes, one must revel in the shadows to truly see the light.“I think that sort of make sense” Oscar said thinking on it“I am not really sure myself” Whitley said nodding curious on itSoon the ground shakes and rocks roll and form into rock like creatures which were in fact the Craglings. They advance on the duo“Uh oh...” Jaune said nervous seeing themGarmadon draws four swords and slams the ground to send a shockwave to knowck them creatures back. Wu drew a kunai with chain and the two fight the Craglings while running to get up the mountain“Yeah go sibling team up!” Ruby and Yang cheerSuddenly Wu gets grabbed and knocked down by a Cragling.Garmadon: Watch out, brother! (He destroys the Cragling.)“Woah nice work Garmadon” Jaune said smiling happy that for now Garmadon was on there sideWu: Thanks!Wu gets up and runs with Garmadon but soon they were surrounded. Both assume a fighting stance“Not getting out of this with out a fight” Blake said noddingWu: Just like old times?Garmadon: Just like old times.“Well it is nice to hear that they have fought together before” Oscar said smiling“Now show those boulder heads who is boss!” Yang said with a smileBoth: Ninja, go! (Both uses Spinjitzu.)“Yeah! Good luck you too” Nora said with a smile.Blake nods “I doubt we will see the full fight which is fine just happy they have good tag teaming skills”“Yeah” Ruby said nodding smiling happily
Digital Art 57 FULL
Modest Mouse by RGPC
Mature Art 2 CLOSED

Mature Content

Hilde - Soul Calibur, battle damage (nsfw) by SteveOdinson
Fan Art 23 FULL
Aerith Gainsborough [FF7 Remake] by Brandelliart
Cartoons and Comics 7
JibJab: Bush And Obama Winning Elections by Evanh123
Cartoons and Comics 8
Selene Underworld by arion69
Anthro 5
Elias x Antoine and Remington x Shade by ameth18
Digital Art 58
:GIFT: Come Embrace My Light by Izuri-Chan93
Digital Art 59
[CM] CinderSpark on FR by Izuri-Chan93
Digital Art 60 FULL
Daydream and Nightmare by Izuri-Chan93
AIL MerMay Challenge 2020
Capricorn Mermaid by PauStark
Fan Art -Open-
Food Fantasy Matsuri by nekogitan
Digital Art -Open-
my sketch genshin oc/genshin sona by Kalmarchikchik
Traditional Art -Open-
Animal Sketch 12 by marakiO
Photography FULL
'Into the Rabbit Hole'.... by TribblePom55
Digital Art II
Pity the Poor Immigrant by pingping08
Favorite Starter by Jadago-Art
Digital Art III FULL
Martian Solitude by Jadago-Art
Digital Art FULL
.:Hunter in Training:. by SporadicSplash
Fan Art OPEN
Wolf's Gaze by KanaGo
Traditional Art OPEN
Galaxy mermaid by Crystal4Heart
Photography OPEN
Elodie011 by ov3
Literature OPEN
RegretsIf I had to choose the date of my death(Depending on what day you ask me),I’d pick somewhere between April and JuneOf 2015—After my 21st birthday,After I had seen the last Hobbit movie,And after my grandmother had us doThat weird 7-themed photo shoot(Because our ages were all multiples of 7),But before picking up the stalkerWho opened the floodgates for anxiety,Before the euphoria of my first crush had worn off(For which I must apologize to the LordFrom getting addicted to my feelings),Before my brother changed schools and moved out of stateOnly to drop out and get arrested,Before my sister decided we must hate herBecause we get upset with her for choosing friends over familyAnd complaining about literally anything and everything,Before 2020 COVID Hindsight,And especially beforeI ended up at this ageWith no life, no lover,No ambition for anythingExcept skipping to whatever’s at the end of all this.How much would I really have missed?How much would have changed?How much would have stayed the same?How different would my family’s lives really have been?How much would I really have left behind?Would things be any betterOr would they be worse?(I'd be missing my favorite show,But would I have needed to care?)I’ve learned so much about myself over the years:Apparently I bounce between depression and anxiety,I’m paranoid, obsessive, compulsive,Impatient, distracted, distant,Enamored with beautyTo the point of settling for nothing less––One person somehow divided into many parts;Who could stand like that?
Adoptables OPEN
[OPEN] Adoptable Auction | Galaxian Patroller by lBlacKiE-MaiDeNl
[OPEN] dragon YCH by kyskykysss
Artisan Crafts OPEN
Lighthouse by wanderer1988
Render Man by Inner-Legend
Mature Content OPEN
Coul, Ufemia, Vilaf by AnastasiiaTaka
Digital Art Closed
Fire Tower by Brillick
Share Your Art III
ITLD- The Wolf's Veil- 453-454 by Respeanut
Devious Folder 3
Lightning Bolts by Silerna
Digital Art -OPEN-
Crowned Kings and the Adventurers by Nahar-Doa
Share Your Art -OPEN-
Devious Folder 4
S X A by TinaOoze
Digital Art New
Ibispaint Bunny - Symmetry Doodle by BlueRoseDemon13
Traditionnal Art New
Rambutan DTIYS by Retr0Neko
Fan Art New
Sketch 6 by MGimg


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Art--is--Love's ARTIST BINGO!
Hello everybody!
We at Art--is--Love have made a little art bingo game!
We tried to make it both relatable and positive for both digital and traditional artists! We hope you like it and have fun playing this little game. Feel free to download the image, circle the boxes you've experienced and post it, or simply share your experience in the comment section down below!
Have fun! :happybounce:
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