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Mermaid Heroines"We're here runt.""Right,"Two figures were seen having approached the location that they had been assigned to go to.The first was a tall woman, well over six feet tall with strong muscular legs and was wearing a purple and white leotard outfit that had a yellow crescent moon symbol on it. She wore purple leggings over her legs up past her knees with a pair of boots. What was most noticable was that sticking out of her white hair at the top of her head was a pair of ears, similar to that of a rabbit.She was Usagi Rumiyama, better known as the ranked Hero Miruko.With her was a young teenaged boy. He wore a green outfit with white gloves and a red belt around his waist that had been made by his Mother for when he had passed and allowed entry into UA. He had a mop of messy green hair and kind green eyes as he followed after her.He was Izuku Midoriya, having taken the name of Deku and Student at the top Hero Academy in Japan and was the intern of Miruku as they were seen approaching the docks.Izuku moved at a birsk pace as he followed after her as he had learned that she wasn't going to slow down and was strict.He had interned under her previously and she had put him through the wringer as she could put drill sergeants to shame with what she made him to do, to toughen him up and get him in shape using his Quirk.Whilst normally it was only for a week his internship was suppose to last, due to having spend the last couple days in the hospital due to injuries, he had been told he was going to take another week with her to make up for it."There they are." Miruko pointed out to him as they saw in the distance two figures who seemed to be waiting for them.The first was a woman clad in a red qipao like outfit that left their shoulders bare and had on long white fingerless gloves. She had short blonde hair that was covered with a headband but what was most noticable about her was on the left side of her face, it was covered by draconic like claws."It's just part of her look Deku." Miruko said with a smirk teasing him as it was just for show and he nodded his head as the woman waved at them."Rumi! Good to see you on time." The woman said to them with a smile."Wouldn't miss it Ryuko." Miruko said as she leaned forward and kissed her playfully on the cheek as the two were in a relationship. "Izuku, this is-""Ryuko Tatsama, also known as Ryukyu, currently the 9th ranked Hero in Japan." Izuku said as he began to speak at a fast rate. "Biggest feat is defeating a Buzzard Villain and in the process saving a hundred children that it had kidnapped in the process. Her Quirk: Dragon is a Transformation which gives her the appearance and strength of a Dragon enabling her to fly.""Well, I don't think there's anything more than needed to be said." Ryukyu said with an amused smile as he had already done the introduction. "Yu and I only recently gotten here." She said and motioned to the other figure who was waiting.Standing there was a tall woman with blonde yellow hair and was wearing a full body beige and purple outfit, she had on a purple mask covering her red eyes that had horns sticking out from the top. She had a wide waist and hips as she stood there."Mt. Lady." Izuku said as he recognized here as well.Looking on at him, the Heroine gave a shy awkward wave at Izuku who looked away which didn't go unnoticed by Ryuko.She had heard about the incident with The Sludge Villain months ago, about how a villain had attacked and was taking another hostage and Mt. Lady had been in the area when it had occured.But due to the narrow passageway, she didn't do anything to help out as her Gigantification Quirk would've not allowed her in due to the small space and so had done nothing. Not trying to stop the villain or save lives.Izuku had been there as well and even though there was a half dozen other Heroes, he had been the only one to step forward and try to stop the Monster. He, a boy without a Quirk, had boldly charged forward whilst those such as Death Arms, Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady herself hadn't even attempted to until All Might had suddenly appeared and defeated The Sludge Villain.Her reputation had taken a severe hit as many in the media and tabloids had blasted her for not doing anything. Calling her out as a gloryhog who was only there when the cameras was on and more concerned with fame than being a Hero.She had gotten a severe tongue lashing as well from Miruko for her lack of actions when she had found out what had happened and that she had done nothing during The Sludge Incident.Miruko had furiously chewed her out for almost a half hour, claiming that she was no better than a Villain for not doing anything to save lives or stop them. That she should at least tried to do something instead of just standing there uselessly.Yu would've preferred getting lashes from Midnight's Nine O' Tails than endure the fury she got from Miruko. Over how as a Pro Hero she had done nothing whilst a Quirkless boy had willingly ran into the fray to try to help.After Miruko had finally ran out of words, curses and swears to yell at her, Ryukyu than scolded her in a more calm manner but was clear in her disappointment in The Heroine.The incident had inspired Yu to start taking things more seriously as a Hero since then. To be one who saved people, instead of looking for glory and to fill her Ego."How come the kid is here?" She asked looking on a bit curious as to why Izuku was here. "Internships had already ended a week ago.""Well, I'll talked to Nezu and due to getting all banged up and having to stay in the hospital, Midoriya here wasn't able to get a full week of intern under me." Miruko said as he had been injured and forced to stay at the hospital after The Noumu attack. "The Principal of UA granted him another week with me, so he could catch up." She told them as she had gone to The Mouse Principal who had granted her request, though oddly he had gave off an unnerving laugh when she had exited his room that had worried her."Now that we're all here and everything is settled, what's the situation?" Miruko asked as the four stood there.Looking on Ryukyu nodded and began to speak. "Here's the situation and all that has happened: As has been reported, a week ago, during the intern programs. A group of Drug Smugglers were taken in by Selkie and his crew." She began as she recapped the events. "Izuku, I believe your classmate Ms. Asui was part of Selkie's team who had apprehended and caught them." She told him with a smile"That's right." Izuku said speaking up as he had heard about Tsuyu's exploits and the mission she had been on. "However," Ryukyu said as she continued. "We have received reports that Innsmouth and his Siblings wasn't the only smuggler there. Sirius, the first mate of Selkie gave us a report that they weren't acting alone and that the ship they used was apparently coming from an offshore rig in the far ocean. Records and details are scarce as most were destroyed when Selkie captured and apprehended the felons. Thus making our job more difficult."Miruko crossed her arms over her bust a look of annoyance on her face. "So did we just get called from kicking villain ass just to hear and find out we've got a dead end lead?" She grumbledRyukyu smirked and wagged a finger at her. "Be patient. We've actually had a stroke of luck in the past twenty four hours. While the ship itself may not help, the cargo it had is more than enough to go on." She informed the other three."You mean the drugs that they were smuggling and brought in?" Izuku asked"I thought that crap got thrown overblown and dumped when Selkie and his crew brought them in." Miruku questioned."Well, when I say cargo, I really mean these..." She said and motioned to Mt. Lady who held up a piece of wood that had a label on it."There wasn't much left, but what we did find was enough of the leftover pieces from the crates that contained the drugs." Yu said with a smile. "Once we were able to scan and check it, we was able to narrow it down as to where it was coming from." She told them and Izuku nodded his head.Miruko grinned as she clutched her fists in excitement. "Perfect!" She exclaimed before looking over at Izuku. "This time you can kick some ass without getting your own ass kicked for a change." She said as she playfully punched his shoulder."R-Right." Izuku said with a nervous smile."Hold it Rumi," Ryukyu said holding up her hand. "There's a catch as well." She informed them stopping them in their tracks."Shit..." Miruko grumbled"While the rig has been located, it's located far from here, five hundred miles offshore. Normally I would fly us over there but we've found out they have the latest in anti air equipment and weapons. I'd be shot out of the sky before I could even see get a chance to land. And if that happens, even if I manage to escape they'd be doubling their defenses." She warned them."Boats are a no go either." Mt. Lady said as well. "They only take the ones who they know take the cargo to them and plus they have everyone who works for them on file and recognizable with IDs. If we tried posing as part of the crew, they would recognize and know that we don't belong there."Miruko let out an annoyed groan. "Why can't it just be a simple ass kicking session like on Streets of Rage?" She grumbled shaking her head.Ryukyu let out a sigh. "Rumi, not every mission is going to be a full frontal assault or fight to the finish. This is a stealth and inflitration mission so we need to be tactical in how we do this instead of charging in screaming.""Um, excuse me, Miss Ryukyu." Izuku said as he spoke up and raised his hand."Just Ryukyu would be fine Dekiru." She told him with a smile. "What is your question?""Um, pardon me if I'm being blunt," He said as he spoke. "But this kind of mission seems ill suited for all three of you." Izuku pointed out. "None of your Quirks are fit for this. Your Dragon form would be shot out of the sky, Mt. Lady's Giant form is too noticeable and I don't think she can traverse that far without sinking underwater and Miruko has the subtlety of a bull in a China shop.""Watch it runt." Miruko warned him with a frown but Ryukyu smiled."Continue Izuku.""The only real option would be to go underwater and sneak aboard right?" He asked and received a nod in response. "But none of us are suited or capable for that. Unless there's some sort of submarine or scuba equipment. A underwater Hero would be more fit for a job like this.""Hate to say it kid, but there aren't any water Heroes available right now." Mt. Lady said. "They are either on patrol, fighting other villains or their Quirks wouldn't last long enough." She told him.Hearing this, Miruko's ears started to twitch before looking over to Ryukyu. “Wait… who called in this intel?”“That would be Nezu. After Asui relayed her experience.” Ryukyu said with a sheepish smile. “I suppose your starting to understand why its just us three called in.”Miruko faceplamed and dragged her hand down across her face with a groan. “Why did we end up sharing our secret with that nutjob, I’ll never know.”“Better than telling those creeps at the HPSC.” Yu said with folded arms. “I know I’m a rookie still, but I know enough not to say anything to them.” She said with a frown“Agreed.” Ryukyu nodded. “At least he has not told anyone else about it so that counts for something.”"Is this about your secret Quirks you have?" Izuku chimed in.Three set of eyes looked on at him in surprise and Izuku blushed feeling embarrassed at the looks he was getting.Ryukyu let out a sigh whilst Mt. Lady was stunned speechless. "Honey, did you accidentally blab to him?" She accused Miruko"Hey, don't blame me!" Miruko responded raising her hands up. "I kept it on the down low, honest! But the kids been growing on me and I've told him that it's just like a secondary Quirk." She argued. "Besides, the kids' trustworthy and knows how to keep a secret. I trust him" She said and ruffled Izuku's hair with her hand.Looking on at him, Ryukyu could tell that Midoriya was an honest soul and wouldn't tell anyone about this. "Well, that's all I need to hear then." She told before turning to look at Izuku. "It takes a lot for Rumi to open up and be this affectionate with others so consider yourself apart of our little secret." She said with a wink to him and he nodded his head. Ryukyu then looked over seeing that Mt. Lady was shifting nervously her arms wrapped around herself."Yu, it's alright. You know the boys' trustworthy-""I know! It's not that Ryuko, I know he's on the level. It's just, I've never shown it to a human before. And I've already made a mess of things before? What if I happen to make things worse?" She said as she wasn't feeling up to the task right now.Ryukyu warmly smiled at her before walking over and placing a gentle hand on Mt. Lady's cheek. "Yu, I understand. It takes a great deal of confidence to reveal something that which has been hidden...and it takes an even greater deal of confidence to admit you were wrong and own up to your mistakes." She told her in a comforting tone. "You told me and Rumi and wanted to make things right… I can see no better time than now.”"That's right." Miruko spoke up. Besides, the kid doesn't have a mean bone in his entire body." She said before playfully pinching his cheeks. “Ain’t that right kit. Your Rumi’s bunny boy~!”“Cut it out!” Izuku whined, making the three giggle.Pulling himself away he looked on at Mt. Lady. "Miruko is right, I know when we last met it… wasn’t a good day for the both of us… and while it did sting a bit, I know you didn’t really mean it… and if you don’t want to show off your other quirk, that's okay.”Yu looked stunned at him. “Y-you… your serious?” She asked and Izuku warmly smiled and nodded his head.Touched by his compassion, Yu leaned forward and grasped Izuku, wrapping him in a tight hug as she wrapped her arms around him. Unknowingly burying his head in her chest causing his face to turn more red than Ryukyu's outfit who looked on at the scene as Miruko let out a laugh.Once that was settled with, the four began to plan and scope out their mission. Luckily, Izuku was packed and had everything he needed in his bag when he and Miruko had been called about it. Ryukyu had the Map as well that would lead them to it."So we know where they are at," Izuku said looking on. "But how exactly are we going to get there without any scuba diving gear or equipment?" He asked them.Miruko then spoke up. "Well kid, that's where our other Quirks come into play." She informed him before looking over at Yu and Ryuko. "Okay if I go?" She asked and they nodded."Just try not to show off.""No promises Babe!" Miruko claimed to herStanding on the edge she then leapt into the air doing a somersault before landing in the water and disappearing underneath it. Izuku looked on a bit confused wondering what was going on. " that normal?" He asked them."Give her a moment, she likes to show off." Ryukyu said to him and Izuku had more questions than answers.After a few moments, something suddenly leapt up out of the water into the air.Looking upwards, Izuku's eyes widened at what he was seeing.Miruko had transformed. Her entire lower body and half had changed as her legs were now gone. Now she sprouted a long purple fish tail and the top of her outfit was also changed becoming more like a swimsuit top."A...A, A Mermaid?!" He said stunned at what he was seeing before him just now. Miruko had undergone a transformation just now. His mentor landed on the dock before him, seated in front of him. Her tailed curled as she looked on at him. "Well kit...what do ya think?" She asked before blowing a kiss at him making Izuku blush"My turn." Ryukyu said before she dove into the water. Izuku looked on as the water began to bubble as though it was heating up before a figure dove out as well.Ryukyu was seen, The Dragon Heroine had also been changed. Like Miroku her lower half was now like a mermaid although the scales on it was more draconic to fit her theme. It was colored red like her outfit as the top of her outfit was more like a swimsuit as well. "Mmm, I never get tired of doing this. It certainly lights my fire." She said and reaching over stroked his cheek."Here I go." Yu said and throwing a wink at Izuku leapt into the water. Izuku looked on wondering what she was gonna be like.A giant shadow appeared in the water and then a gigantic figure emerged from it.Izuku stared out in shock as Mt. Lady emerged from the water in her Giant form. Like the others she too had become a mermaid as her lower half had changed becoming like a fish. Her top was also designed to look like a swimsuit as she still had on her mask and her belly was shown as well.She looked down at Izuku and smiled as she flaunted herself. "So, it looks like you've got the Catch of The Day." She said in a flirty tone.Izuku stammered as he was speechless at what he was seeing. The surprise and everything that had happened was too much for his poor brain to handle.His eyes rolled up to the back of his head and he fell backwards hitting the ground as he had fainted."OH NO! I was too much!" Yu exclaimed in shock looking on whilst Miruko was laughing her head off."Oh dear, I think we may have gotten carried away." Ryukyu said in alarm wondering if he was okay."HAHAHA!! I love this kid!"Ryukyu sweat dropped as Mt. Lady had shrunk back to her regular size as they checked on him."I think we may need a few more minutes..."
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