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W10 Dark Graphite Ribbon 1909/2004/20H2 Dark Mode

W10 Dark Graphite Ribbon (1903/1909/2004/20H2 Dark Mode)

The download includes:
1) Theme
2) Icons
3) Cursors
4) Bmp files to replace in shell32.dll.mun & shellbrd.dll

The Theme was developed using 150% dpi setting @ 3840x2160 on W10 1909.

Recommended optional programs:
1) OldNewExplorer
2) RibbonDisabler

1) Install latest UltraUXThemePatcher and restart
2) Copy Content of Theme folder to %\Windows\Resources\Themes
3) Select the Theme in the Settings (Windows Dark Mode will be activated)

4) Change System Icons using e.g. ResourceHacker
5) Change bmp files in the shell32.dll.mun & shellbrd.dll using e.g. ResourceHacker
6) Change cursors
7) Enjoy


W10 Dark Graphite (1903/1909/2004 Dark Mode)

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Can you please create an icon pack that is patchable with 7TSP? That would be a wonderful way of experiencing this wonderful theme. I'm not really succeeding at bringing all these icons in. And I've spent so much time on it already. Then when the time comes to update, the same will have to be undone and redone. Shame if there's systems like 7TSP that resolve this

Problem white on the top of the control panel, How to fix it?

Looks amazing, thanks a lot!

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Do you know why some areas turn back to white sometimes? Anyone else having this problem?

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Sorry, no idea. It runs stable on my system. Maybe a dpi issue or resolution change or something like this?

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Hmm. I use 100% scaling and never change my resolution. I have a UHD (2560x1440) monitor.

I noticed that when i apply the style again everything gets back to normal. It seems to break when i restart my computer

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This is strange, doenst happen on my system. :-?

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That's what i searched for years. Thanks

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Hi, so can some one pls link a video or step-by-step for how to save the icons systemfiles?

I have try to use this ResourceHacker but when ever i try to save the icon changes either it simply doesn't save, same goes to the shell32.dll.mun & shellbrd.dll.

I look forward to the same or 7TSP patchable icon pack :)

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Perfect! Seriously, one of the best themes ever dude.

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do i have a bad performance if i use it?

The nicest piece of art in deviart art

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Thank you very much =)

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Thank you very much =)

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Honestly, this is how Microsoft should have implemented Dark Mode in Windows 10. Really good work!

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Thank you very much! :)

please how do I change the icons in file browser?

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There are several ways, one way is to edit the systemfiles. Most of the icons are located in C:\Windows\SystemResources\imageres.dll.mun. Please google how to do this.

everything is so good....just want to ask how to change the taskbar design like u shown in the picture thanks very much....appreciated

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thank you, but I dont really understand what you mean. the taskbar is default and not themed. In my Preview Picture I just removed the icons and clock with photoshop. Sorry

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