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Map of the Zones - California 2019

This is the final version of my map of the Zones surrounding Battery City, to be used as assistance for following the clues given over the course of our upcoming forum-wide storyline ( )

For direct information about the mystery, go here: [link]

A description:
"There is a group active in the Zones, currently referred to only as "OLOS." They're secretive, and their habits are known to only a very few. As the first half of this story plays out, they will present the Zones with a series of somewhat grisly clues, which, when combined, form a set of instructions. Anyone is welcome to follow those instructions - but at their own risk. Collaborate with your fellow Zone runners, start a radio broadcast thread to communicate with one another, and whatever you do, keep your boots tight."

The locations are all related to our roleplay forum, excepting Battery City and Wolfblood Beach (though the location of the latter is somewhat arbitrary). The base map was found online, and I edited it to suit my needs.

As I said when I posted the WIP of this to my scraps section, the forum is open to anyone, and if you have any questions, ask away!
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i live in zone 6.... right at were the battle of the bombs was literally right were it was... damnit!
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This is awesome :)
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Glad you like it!
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Hey, I just noticed: Vol has two extra bases, one in 6 and one in 7. You don't need to add them, since, technically, I think it's impossible to open them without Caroline operational anymore. (Although, if the school needs to move, they will be operable.)

Also, is Wolfblood Beach a canon MCR-Killjoy thing? I've never heard of it before.
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All right - I don't think I'm going to add anything else to the map, but thanks for the heads up! And yes, the Wolfblood Beach Resort was mentioned somewhere, as a place BLI executives go.
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Oh. It's an actual resort, not a Wolfblood facility?
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I don't know. We're using it as an experimentation/rehabilitation facility. Emphasis on developing new treatments to be used in the cities
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*shrug* Okay. That also works.
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Hope it's useful, in some obscure way...
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Nice, clear to read map :) *faves*

I'm intruiged by this idea 0.o I wonder what it is
ArsonAnthemKJ's avatar
Thank you!

And you're more than welcome to join in, if you'd like :)
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