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Loki!!!! Drawn in pen, colored in Photoshop. Sketch here: [link]

This man should have won. Avengers was amazing, but it would have been better if he'd come out on top, or at least cleverly escaped at the end... because Loki is simply the best character.

I had a larger concept in mind for this, with inlaid text and the like, but it didn't end up happening. I may do another at some point, because I really like the first idea. The words would be something like 'Evil', 'Twisted', 'Vengeance', etc, but they'd also include 'Betrayed', 'Scorned', 'Underestimated', and the like. Loki's insane in a bad way, no doubt, but his character has so much potential for depth.
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...did I ever tell you this is my desktop background? :B
ArsonAnthemKJ's avatar
Haha yes, you did
A-Musical-Infection's avatar
Sorry, just felt the need to make sure.
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Love it! Your hatching is totally awesome :heart:
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Thank you! Hatching is so satisfying...
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Good to see Loki in so many different styles all around. Really like yours here, you even captured a great mood there.
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Thank you! I tried not to go off too much reference... it's more interesting to make it up as you go with a versatile character like this.
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The hand looks great! Hands are always hard to draw and you nailed this one.
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Thank you! I'd glad you like it :)
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Can we do the backup plan at the same time as the main plan?
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I'm gonna go with.... yes. Most definitely, yes.
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Beauty! Nice use of lighting and, of course, I love the line shading! You and I should just go into comic books together...
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What do you mean, 'we should'? I thought that was our backup plan! You know, drop out of college, go work for Quizby's, and draw comics on the side!
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I like the shading and the highlights.
Good job :)
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