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The Sword of Laban from the Book of Mormon by shad-brooks
Battle of Jaxartes by BurenErdene
Bearing the McSweeney Arms. by RobbieMcSweeney
King Charnabon by NicusorDumitru
Battle of Jaxartes by BurenErdene
Celtic Age by VincentPompetti
Kataphraktoi! by DamianOswald
Alesia by VincentPompetti
Scenes-Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
Aurelianus and the Praetorian guard by AMELIANVS
Byzantine General Bardas Phokas by NikosBoukouvalas
Dane Holmgang by RobbieMcSweeney
Viking-skirmish by SteveRigby
Scenes-Middle Ages
Birger Jarl lands in Finland by ManuLaCanette
ARSUF by japa2
Baldwin IV, the Leper King of Jerusalem by NikosBoukouvalas
Training Grounds by BillyAustria
Battle of Koniecpol by Mitchellnolte
Capture the Hill, Battle of Wimpfen, May 6 1622 by FritzVicari
Ein sonderliches Stratagem, Waidheim, July 1621 by FritzVicari
The Valle Brothers at the defense of St Louis by Mitchellnolte
Scourge of War: Ligny by Mitchellnolte
The Road to Wavre: Scourge of War Waterloo by Mitchellnolte
Scourge of War: Wavre by Mitchellnolte
Scenes-20th Century and Contemporary
High Seas Fleet by LordDoomhammer
RADAR by grievous15
Panzer in Vellage  (Black Ball-point Pen Work) by lhlclllx97
Hanomag by zap-nik
Scenes-Fantasy and SciFi
The Nazi Occult - Operation Highjump by wraithdt
The Anakin Solo over Kashyyyk by wraithdt
Battle of Tingel Deepspace Besh by wraithdt
cataphract by Simulyaton
Units and Characters-Antiquity
King Charnabon by NicusorDumitru
Roman Republican Legionary by JLazarusEB
Centurio of the Antesignani by ManuLaCanette
Celt Cavalry by sandu61
Units and Characters-Late Antiquity and Early MA
Mercenary Dane by JLazarusEB
Varangian Rus 9th century by JLazarusEB
Frankish Infantry by JLazarusEB
Northumbrian Huskarl by JLazarusEB
Units and Characters-Middle Ages
Konstantin and Fruzhin: Crown of Bulgaria by NikosBoukouvalas
Units and Characters-Renaissance
Sacking Reiter, 1620s by FritzVicari
Units and Characters-Modern
Napoleonic Polish Soldier by SethWoll
Units and Characters-20th Century and Contemporary
ww1 - 1914, Flanders : Brigade de fusiliers marins by AndreaSilva60
Units and Characters-Fantasy and SciFi
Perseus - Character design by liamreagan21
WW2 Harley-Davidson by Mattwhiteart
IJN destroyer Amatsukaze by U-Joe
Warmachines-Fantasy and SciFi
Panzer by otomozok
Vered Jericho Sword of Ancient Israel, 600BC STEEL by shad-brooks
HONORGUARD, The Castle of Morane, cross section by shad-brooks
3D Art
HONORGUARD, The castle of Morane, full scene by shad-brooks
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Romans vs Parthians by JohnnyShumate Romans vs Parthians :iconjohnnyshumate:JohnnyShumate 167 12 Hippika Gymnasia by JohnnyShumate Hippika Gymnasia :iconjohnnyshumate:JohnnyShumate 156 5 Army of Pyrrhus by JohnnyShumate Army of Pyrrhus :iconjohnnyshumate:JohnnyShumate 86 5 Battle of the Frigidus River by AMELIANVS Battle of the Frigidus River :iconamelianvs:AMELIANVS 138 46 Angel of Death by JasonNicholsonArt Angel of Death :iconjasonnicholsonart:JasonNicholsonArt 270 43 Battle in fron of a bridge by TaoDragon Battle in fron of a bridge :icontaodragon:TaoDragon 11 0 Stand at the Angle by rampartpress Stand at the Angle :iconrampartpress:rampartpress 88 9 Theirs but to do and die... by Kaiser-Conti Theirs but to do and die... :iconkaiser-conti:Kaiser-Conti 102 105 16th century German infatryman by DarioTW 16th century German infatryman :icondariotw:DarioTW 17 0 Decisive battle in  Korea by azazel1944 Decisive battle in Korea :iconazazel1944:azazel1944 1,010 85 The Armour Compilation I by TheHolyWenzel The Armour Compilation I :icontheholywenzel:TheHolyWenzel 135 40 Short Sunderland flyingboat by rollsy71 Short Sunderland flyingboat :iconrollsy71:rollsy71 25 3 Und die Panzer kamen ... by megalobo Und die Panzer kamen ... :iconmegalobo:megalobo 243 91 Ten thousands side by side by megalobo Ten thousands side by side :iconmegalobo:megalobo 33 41 White cliffs by Bidass White cliffs :iconbidass:Bidass 209 17 The blitz by Bidass The blitz :iconbidass:Bidass 276 27




A fascinating group for all those who share the passion for military art, be it historical, fantasy or SciFi.

From panoramic battle scenes, warmachines, historical portraits and the ordinary soldier through the ages we are continously enriching our galleries while keeping an eye on the most important military artists here on da so that you to be granted with the most recent art you cherish.

Our aim is to connect all the fans and artists of the genre and to collect the finest deviations out there in order to become the ultimate dA destination when comes to military art.

As a general rule, with few exceptions and for the sake of consistency and the best administration of the group we are only accepting drawings and paintings for the moment. 3D renders will be accepted if they are high quality and they depict interesting historical weaponry or architecture.

You should also bare in mind that this group focus is on quality so only a part of the art would be accepted.

Join requests are automatically approved.



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Seems like another dead group.
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Hello! Is this group active?
My submission expired.
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Is this group still functioning?
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Its back in business
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So this is where the ww2 art community went after the artnazigroup got allied nuked in 2014
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