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Zouave officer by cruorvolt
Commission: 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot Private by cruorvolt
Commission: 69th PVI Zouave Captain. by cruorvolt
Trooper of the 2nd Hussars, Imperial France by Nich-EpicCookies
Samnite Wars by ManuLaCanette
Angel of Death by JoelChaimHoltzman
Provocatores Fight by AmonVDB
Kataphraktoi! by DamianOswald
Scenes-Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
Byzantine General Bardas Phokas by NikosBoukouvalas
Arthur by deWitteillustration
Gaels in the highlands by Skvor
Pilsen history poster 2 by Skvor
Scenes-Middle Ages
Ottomans Landing sm by EthicallyChallenged
Kings Orders by janschlegel
Parley by woutart
Golden Horde (work in progress) by tomgrab100
The Swedes across the ice 1658. by Blackadder02
Founding of La Paz by Isabella-Iskandaryan
The Lienzo of Analco by TheSax66
Battle of Koniecpol by Mitchellnolte
By order of the Sublime Porte by Raubritter
Napoleon Forever!!!! by AlexVanArsdale
Hussar Commission by AlexVanArsdale
Forward! by Blackadder02
Scenes-20th Century and Contemporary
Advance on Bourguebus Ridge - 1944 by PeteAshford
Big Cat hunting ground by PeteAshford
Falaise Pocket- 1944 by PeteAshford
CB90 by Lejonart
Scenes-Alt History, Fantasy and SciFi
Revelation: The Descendants War Book 7 by LordDoomhammer
Inferno V8 - They are Coming by PeteAshford
Elven Phoenix Interceptor by Aanker
fixed bayonet by YourLocalTechpriest
Units and Characters-Antiquity
Theseus by Nich-EpicCookies
Thracian Warlord by Thinkerman
Legionary by AmonVDB
Roman hastati by AmonVDB
Units and Characters-Late Antiquity and Early MA
Cuman warrior by JFoliveras
Late Roman by JLazarusEB
Norseman by SethWoll
Roman watch tower Danubian limes III century by Egonzoli
Units and Characters-Middle Ages
'The Black Prince of Wallachia' by Alin-Alexandru
Units and Characters-Renaissance
Master study: Rembrandt. by cruorvolt
Units and Characters-Modern
Commission: 69th PVI Zouave Captain. by cruorvolt
Units and Characters-20th Century and Contemporary
El Tata by cruorvolt
Units and Characters-Alt Hist, Fantasy and SciFi
Verdonian Chosen Warriors (Project Tyrannoc) by LordofTyrannoc
Far East, Central Asia etc.
TF: worthy warrior by Unita-N
Pre-Columbian America, Amerindians etc.
King Jaguar Claw by TheSax66
Inferno V5 'The Turnaround' by PeteAshford
CB90 by Lejonart
F 4C Phantom II by DouglasCastleman
Warmachines-Alt Hist, Fantasy and SciFi
Units, Characters, Machines - Cartoons and Comics
Jacque's Captain by AlexVanArsdale
Scenes - Cartoons and Comics
Austerlitz by AlexVanArsdale
Master study: Van Dyck. by cruorvolt
Architecture - Historical
Schloss Neu-Falkenstein sur la Toile by LePtitSuisse1912
Architecture - Alt History, Fantasy and Sci-fi
Swamp Fortress by GrimDreamArt
3D Art
Double Trouble by itifonhom
Technical drawings, Minimal, Infographics etc.
Cuirassier Armor Sketch by DKuang
Heraldry, Flags etc.
Duchy of Livonia Coats of Arms by Escodrion
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Ars Militaria group avatar/logo |Purple background by Orphydian

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White cliffs by Bidass White cliffs :iconbidass:Bidass 208 17 The blitz by Bidass The blitz :iconbidass:Bidass 283 28 An act of chivalry by Bidass An act of chivalry :iconbidass:Bidass 567 124 El Gran Capitan by P-G-Moran El Gran Capitan :iconp-g-moran:P-G-Moran 171 14 Charge of the Heavy Brigade by Kaiser-Conti Charge of the Heavy Brigade :iconkaiser-conti:Kaiser-Conti 105 76 The Thin Red Line by Kaiser-Conti The Thin Red Line :iconkaiser-conti:Kaiser-Conti 71 42 Charge of the Serbian knights by banekerac Charge of the Serbian knights :iconbanekerac:banekerac 26 10 Lab 1389 by banekerac Lab 1389 :iconbanekerac:banekerac 6 4 The 13th Legion by Saint-Jan The 13th Legion :iconsaint-jan:Saint-Jan 155 95 Siege of Alesia by Saint-Jan Siege of Alesia :iconsaint-jan:Saint-Jan 62 13




From panoramic battle scenes, war machines, historical portraits and the ordinary soldier through the ages we are continuously enriching our galleries while keeping an eye on the most important military artists here on dA so that you to be granted with the most recent art you cherish.

Our aim is to connect all the fans and artists of the genre and to collect the finest deviations out there in order to become the ultimate dA destination when comes to military art.

As a general rule, with few exceptions and for the sake of consistency and the best administration of the group we are only accepting drawings and paintings for the moment. Since Alternative History, Fantasy and Sci-Fi isn't our main focus, submissions of this kind will be held to a higher standard of quality than usual and they will have to present interesting thematic or background and elaborated composition.
3D renders will be accepted if they are high quality and they depict interesting historical items or episodes.
You should also bear in mind that this group focus is on quality so only a part of the art would be accepted.

Join requests are automatically approved.



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