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Hi Guys! Here we have the char Sycamore , the Ogham Dryad portrait. Faeric  is an original series, developed a while ago and I'm resuming to come back to make new artworks. This is a bit different work from my other works (of a larger series that encompasses all the others, called Encantaria). It’s inspired by fables throughout history, it refers to elements of studies over the years in mystical and folkloric literature.

> Lore : Dryads are nymphs of forests, Nymphs of Oak trees, also called Querquetulanae Virae (women of the Oak Forest) or just Querquetulane. Dryads are elementals, spirits beings from trees, spirits from the flowers, vegetation in general. Dryads are designated for the species of Oak, the elementals of other plants are called Hamadryads.

The Dryads of the ash tree (Meliae), Nymphs of underground plants or telluric Nymphs (Epigeias), Nymphs of Aquatic plants (Hydriads), Nymphs of aerial or celestial plants (Uranias).  According to an old legend, each dryad was born along with a certain tree, from which it exuded. The dryad lived in or near the tree. When her tree was cut down or killed, the deity also died.

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Awesome elf girl