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Dark Elf Witch

An unfinished drawing I had lying around for months :p 

I won't be posting these here on DA often, but I started an Instagram account where I'll share my sketches and doodles that aren't worth posting here :D Follow me there, I'll be posting more soon! :heart:

Also made the original size available for download for whoever wants to see the close up mess haha

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So cool. I love the outfit
Stunning dark beauty:)
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the best of february in fantasy category in :iconparadiseofartists: You're featured in our blog: paradiseofartists.deviantart.c… & in our gallery:…

CONGRATULATIONS!! :icongrin--plz:
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dark elves are my favorite race too !
plus their witchcrafts!
very welldone
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Waauu looks so cool! Thank you for sharing your sketch. I think it's totally fine to post these here (at least i am glad you did cos for me it looks wonderful even unfinished).
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It looked too messy to me for sharing, but people seemed to like it so I'm glad I ended up posting it after all :) I guess we're too critical about our own 'crappy sketches' haha
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This is madness...! oO
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It's witchcraft! ;)
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Can we settle on mad witchcraft?
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This one is worth posting on DA :) Lovely work
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Hehe thanks! I wouldn't have posted my crappier sketches here though ;) 
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i think the unfinished drawings have always something to say that a finished piece cannot! it looks wonderful :)
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So true!  And it shows so many interesting things about the drawing process before the layer of Polish covers them :) 
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yeah, true :)
you're able to learn a lot!
anyway i have to ask you: do you use reference for your amazing faces, or they just come out from your hand? (if it's the second, i'm going to hate you :D )
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I'd say about half of my drawings are done using reference images...  Kind if depends. They're mostly inspiration or help with a tricky angle or lighting.  But this one was done without I think :) 
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