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TMNT Multiverse Collage

My version of the TMNT Universes interference & interactions. Maybe I made mistake somethere - feel free to say me about it.

Please download image for the FULL view!
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This is pretty good! Really good! However, you might wanna actually update it to include the IDW TMNT Universe and update the Image TMNT Universe since Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco are actually going to conclude it with an official ending.
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I have updated version in Russian, just need time to rework it in English. There is also a bunch of new Universes found and added.
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O.o WOW..! Just - WOW!

You did quite a bit of work there!!


If you're listing MNTGaiden, maybe you should list GreenGang as well? Or did you? Hmm, I don't know.

Eh, never mind. :XD:


All around, great work!

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The Ninja Turtles Gaiden manga I listed here is official manga published in Japan. It's not Tigerfog's MNT Gaiden which we all knowing and loving =)
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Oh! Okay! Thank you for making that clear for me! :D
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This is really great! I love it. The only change I'd make (if it were me) is connecting the 2007 CG movie with the 2K3 series instead of the other three movies, as it really has no connection to them beyond being a movie- April was never a reporter in the 2007 movie, and she had obviously been training with the boys like in the 2K3 toon. It also had Karai, who was never in any of the first three films, either. Seems a better fit, IMHO. YMMV.
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Awesome job!, always wanted one of these things.Joy
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Pretty awesome. Does the current toon or comic series fit in there? and what about the horrible next mutation?
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Nope. I did this thing before the both IDW's and Nick's Turtles. I should add them here.
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if you have room. lol!
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I came down with a slow, crawling case of crazed giggles trying to figure this out! :crazy:
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I can only imagine the amount of research you put into making this chart. It's amazing. Thank you for your effort...
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You're a welcome. That's not hard when you KNOW all of this. It's pretty useful stuff, I know. A laso made the annotations for all this TMNT Universes on Russian. Sadly, I still didn't translate it, but you can see the review on English via Google Translate:…
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why dash-arrow?
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*twitch* I think my brain just broke trying to take all those connections in at once XD
Well done!
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Thank you very much! On behalf of the TMNT Fandom... you are awesome! It's just plain great to see someone put so much effort into this kind of item!
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Wow, this is impressive. And I thought I was dedicated... :D
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Wow, you did a lot of research. You must have a lot of patience. :clap:
If you made a mistake I sure don't see it, cause all that is over whelming to me. XDD
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I must have a lot of inspiration for the something like this, I think =) Thanks! I believe, we fixed all the mistakes, when I posted this scheme at the 'Drome forums =)
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It would seem so. XD
Your welcome hun. :) good to know.
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