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just some tests in animation
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Bakemonogatari, huh? I like that. I don't know how hard was to make this, but the result is worth it. The detail is amazing. It looks even better than in the anime.

Outstanding work! :D
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3D render cartoon style ??
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That's real good...
I sure wish I can reach this level.
Thank you for sharing.
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Reminds me of Bakemonogatari
This is intended to be a framing mimick of bakemonogatari, or more specifically of Senjougahara-sama. The angles, camera movement and shot cutting is an obvious giveaway. Besides, he even tagged this post with "SHAAAAAFT"...
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This is creepy and amazing at the same time. <3
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What program are you using? Maya? 3ds Max?
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I'm listening to hallelujah and this girl is really making me feel uncomfortable.
"Oh she's going to look at me romantically - oh god. She's going to stab me"
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Hahah that was my same reaction xD
ChilledAlmondJelly's avatar
so creepy...but the eyes are awesome!!!
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Awesome! XD
This 3d animation right.
 Did u draw this out to plan it out? :)

SPLYNTRDDesigns's avatar
That is so cool! xD Especially when mixed with the dubstep I am listening to! ...Wait, why am I listening to dubstep...? 
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Wow. The look in her eyes is so evil... good job!
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Cheez-its. o_o Awesome ^-^
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Stop trying to describe yourself on someone elses art
SuperEmoKawaiiNeko's avatar
nice comeback brochacho
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