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Yumi and Eureka

fanart on Eureka 7 and Jetto Yumi from "Isle of Winds".
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Sheepy brought me here. What dope art!

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I saw this as the background fro the song Friend and I really like this, I like the vibes it gives :) Using it as my new desktop wallpaper!

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Well done 

That looks like Eureka on the Right.
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This is so beautiful!! It's so colourful!!
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Beautiful and lovely
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I love the aesthetic (is that the right word???) of the background! I found your gallery though this art as well; a Youtube video uses it, with a link to your page. :)
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wowI am a dummy! beautiful and creative:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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MrSuicideSheep sent me here!
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i have seen this picture for long time. Now I know who created this. :D
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same here ... found it through sheep . :D
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Really nice blending of colors,good job!
Hey !
I saw your picture in a video on youtube, posted by MrSuicideSheep, it was FRND - Friend and so I landed here. Very nice job you did, and your artwork really fit with the said music, it somehow even helped me appreciating it :)
So, thanks !
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The surrealism is breath taking
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omg i love this anime! Awesome find for me =D
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Beautifull Blue Sky Backround
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This is so damned beautiful. There are very selective things, either in anime, games or simple images that give me this feeling that I cannot explain, perhaps a juxtaposition of serenity, soothing, and in hindsight a yearning to be there, as if the real world will never compare to what I see here, or in Eureka 7 or Final Fantasy. This is just gorgeous, it really takes me there.
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you got several great artists favouriting your work, and it is truly amazinG!
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