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Witch WRB

By arsenixc
New art! :witch: 
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Mysteriously beautiful!
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really nice work
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The cutest witch I've ever seen :) :)
Neat swirls.
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I like her proportions a lot. The long legs/short torso type is much like my actual body and I like seeing it represented so well. The deviation from "correct" proportions is subtle —definitely not Bayonetta-level exaggerated— but easily noticeable by me. And I always liked the traditional witch look so that makes her doubly attractive to me.
blackrain8's avatar
Your work is so incredible mate.
You've nailed the perfect balance of character/subject art and landscape, environmental art.

What really impresses me is that you've taken an art-style that is somewhat stale and almost completely impossible to improve on, and managed to give it an evolutionary reinvention through your use of colour, shading and stylistic interpretation. I would be very, very intrigued to see how this style translates to a graphic novel or web-comic.
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Actually I works on kind of web comic project, but visually this will be probably full 3d graphics. Some concept and art from project can be found here…
blackrain8's avatar
Thanks for that.

I look forward to seeing more as it is created.
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Looks great! I like it.
FruitTartz's avatar
Love the composition!
ItsSinnah's avatar
Really cool comp, I love this.
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Is it weird that I actually enjoy looking at the cat more than anything else for some reason?
The drawing is really cool. I love it. But there is just something about the cat.... Hmmmmm....
JamesPonce's avatar
Hey! It's the cat from Soul Eater. Forgot her name... :/
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Very cool composition and shape design, faved!

Can I ask what is your tool of preference for doing all these swirls?
arsenixc's avatar
Thanks! For these shapes I use lasso fill tool in clip studio paint, in photoshop analog of tool "freedom pen tool" (P hotkey) with no styles mode.
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Ohhh, so they are indeed freehanded. Very nice, thanks for the insight. ^^
ControllerDan's avatar
Having so much variety in shades while using grayscale is just awesome. And also that cat
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