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Tokyo street animation

By arsenixc
Animated version of Tokyo street by arsenixc

Done for "Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll" visual novel game.
Old house sunset by arsenixc Living room and kitchen sunset by arsenixc Room sunset version by arsenixc Street and old bar LmRnR by arsenixc Wild Night Club by arsenixc

DEMO of game available on Steam…





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© 2017 - 2021 arsenixc
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Love all your art pieces!!! so beautiful so speechless!

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es simplemente hermoso :D
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I looked at this...I saw your other scenes and liked them...I looked at this one and said 'that's neat' internally.  Then I paused and thought about how real it looks and that it isn't real, but drawn.  And to draw that, still, is enough that I can't not just not do it but really understand how to make a single frame look real and here you have created a little world of neareality; and we get to look at it for free.

Some of the birds even have shadows and the shadows on the train cars on the tracks passing through the intersection.
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omg wow, are you like an anime creator or something?! 
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Довольно не плохо, чувствуется объем и проработка. Видимо какая-то трехмерная база. Обычно в анимации при таком действии камера просто надвигается на основной, достаточно статичный фон.
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Is this like multiplain/parallax or 3-D? 
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urrhhh! This piece is so good! 
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Wow thats so cool!
midniteblues86's avatar
Your art is amazing
naviesart's avatar
you're currently my favorite artist in the world.
beautiful works. love all of them.

The animation is so good, the movement of the "camera", the train, and the detail on the buildings and cars etc exquisite.

Well done!
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It's so neat to see a piece of art come to life!
UsagiYogurt's avatar
WOw! So amazing!
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For some reason, that railroad crossing had me reminded of "The Girl who Leapt Through Time". The hill wasn't even all that tall, but that's just what came to mind.
That aside, excellent work. The oh-so-slight side-to-side pan as the "camera" moves forward really adds a layer of depth to all the layers this work was made with.
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oh very nice animation! Like how you combined the flight of the birds with the train crossing.
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This is pretty cool! 
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