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Street and old bar LmRnR

This image done in collaboration with my friend and colleague He create this beautiful 3d scene, my work here is render compositing, color and light post process + stylization.

Background for "Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll" visual novel game, where I work as main background artist!
Tokyo street animation by arsenixc Wild Night Club by arsenixc Old house sunset by arsenixc Room sunset version by arsenixc Living room and kitchen by arsenixc School rooftop by arsenixc

DEMO available on Steam…

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You are amazing!
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This..does bring back a lot of great memories I had back when I was living in Japan. Especially this bar scene, I remember one that wasn't too far from where I used to live. I went there almost every Friday or Saturday night that was run by the same family for over thirty years, lots of great times there. :)
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I'm always amazed by your guys' work. I have no idea how you're transferring those scenes. What are you using to render?
I love the details.
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Very well done! Love the buildings and all the details, although I gotta wonder about the sign "Wild Nights"? Seems a little tame.
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Haha "Wild Night" i like it! :D
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Absolutely beautiful designs. Been loving seeing these from you!
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This is some fine detailed work! :) Kinda looks like a mix between a drawing and a 3D render.
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Adorable, I really like it.
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you should make point and click games, i would love to see this as an interactive backdrop.
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This looks like a background for one of the Ace Attorney games. It reminds me of one of the cases in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
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God damn. I could tell this was 3Ded for the base but you did such a spectacular job on the colour and lighting. Your shadow values too are so nice! :O I love how you touched up everything. It's very beautiful! 
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How do you add the small little textures on the walls?
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Great landscape!!  :O
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Cute and cool!
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I just got back from Tokyo, and honestly, your backgrounds make me want to go right back again. Stunning atmospheric work!
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chun li and an oponent will have a dance here anytime soon..
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