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Steam Daddy

By arsenixc
Some dropped project on my work. Well maybe later done new pics with this model.
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Whistleman92's avatar
Woah! So realistic!
TPM2012's avatar
This is incredible!!
AliceKaninchenbau's avatar
BRB, I need to return my Artist Licence to the ass who gave it to me.
ShadowAeroku's avatar
Wicked! Cool robot, great composition and colours too :) That clock reminds me of the one in Prague, is it the same?
WSkD's avatar
Mega brilliant work done! Epic =3
markkarvon's avatar
Brilliant colors on this one. Cool mech design.
Edarneor's avatar
Клево, чё! :)
goldenz-z-z-z-z-z-z's avatar
Вот это ядро
burningvegeta's avatar
This looks epic. This is amazing and is putting me in a good mood.
carloantonio25's avatar
Great job! How can I do this too? Excellent!!!
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blurace's avatar
I get it, like big daddy, but it's steam daddy...:B
DemonicHellfire's avatar
Huh. For some reason, this reminds me of Bioshock. This is really good, though.

~ Ғяιɛи∂ƨнιρ ιƨ α ɢσℓ∂ɛи ɢιғт cнɛяιƨнɛ∂ αвσʌɛ αℓℓ ℓιғɛ'ƨ тяɛαƨʋяɛƨ. ~
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RobMitchem's avatar
Looks like a ton of work but it's really Really cool!
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Los delamiendos... Is legit

But is it Bioshock or bionicle¿¿¿
randomfun12's avatar
the colour scheme is very good, it's almost lifelike. I love the anatomy since it gives a much more interesting dynamic view.
Pokestar9's avatar
I frickin LOVE IT!!
neogoki's avatar
Reminds me of Lego's Bionicle, looks impressive
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