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Background created for "Everlasting summer" visual novel game

Home in Summer camp by arsenixc Summer camp home Out and In by arsenixc Canteen sunset-night by arsenixc Canteen day by arsenixc Music club by arsenixc Double-sided washstand in camp by arsenixc Library Inside by arsenixc Boat station by arsenixc Road by arsenixc Island Day by arsenixc


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ヽ(´◔ ᆺ ◔`)ノ

yeah the statue of Gendo. Little funny reference to the NGE.
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Дух пионерского лета ;)
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Is that Vladimir Lenin?
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Amazing!! How do you do it? I find it hard to do bg... 😥
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Nice composition and lighting!
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Whoa, you were an artist for Everlasting Summer? The backdrops in that game are simply amazing.
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Hehe. I figured out the Gendo thing right away. Very nice work! :)
Классно! Одна картина рисует целый новый мир! Гендо в России, как бы все тогда могло сложиться?! Или как бы выглядел Евангелион в версии Стругацких? Срывает крышу...
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Was this place real? I see you've made a lot of great and detailed looking pictures of it
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The place is apparently based on an existing Russian summer camp, yes.
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This would look good on a fighting videogame a stage.
It has a perfect perspective, is wide enoght for standard Hi-Def and isnt blurry.

truly looks perfect.

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I really want to know what your life have been through to created this for my bad english..:)
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What references do you use here?
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"Что же нам делать, Генда?"
Невероятный авесом. Смотрю галерею и давлюсь слюной.
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so Lenin WAS indeed Genda O_o
I knew it!
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i love your colouring
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spasibo za fullhd.. ot takih rabot - ho4etsa i samomu idt'ti risovat'..
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Can u tell me where is this??? o.ó
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Im Sovet Russia XD
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Soviet Russia was a legendary country x)
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Eto Moskva?? o.ó
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