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Sky city

The idea was draw an illustration with a background without using 3D as I usually do, but only in 2D. The main inspiration was the work of Lorenzo Lanfranconi and Kazuo Oga (Art director and backgrounds artist from studio Ghibli).

Please do not use this art without my permission.

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Awesome (◕‿◕)♡

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Wow! It's like Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus made conjunction! I want to live in this word :) Beautiful!

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Hi, can I pay you to have a print of this piece? I noticed it isn't in your shop but I love the scene. Thanks!

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That's beautiful. The details (characters ambling about, etc.) really bring it to life!

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Oh I love this. This is full of charm and delight. A magical world I would love to see more of! Everything is just so pretty.
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I think now i be uploaded only low res images with watermarks in center
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Normal people ask permission before print or use something.  About "Not even saw an option to buy it" i can add print in deviant art store if some one interested and ask me. But no, you just use art wihout permission, i see you crop lower part of work  with copyright.
There are no excuses.
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I see how you ignore my iron arguments with which any artist on this site agrees. Moreover, you go on insults. For a long time I have not seen that filthy attitude towards the authors.

Listen. Let's start again.

1) I was in good faith. I never intended to steal anything. I assumed (wrongly) that because the download button was present it was ok for you that people download the image and use for personal use, like windows background or similar. I printed a single copy for my house. No selling, no commercialize.

2) My good faith is testimonied by the fact that I came here to show you (the author) some love and the result. If I was not in good faith I would never do this. Just steal and run.

3) You attacked me as I was a thief and that caused my bad reaction. I apologize for not having asked your permission in first place and for insulting you.

4) I totally agree that authors must be repayed for their work, and I'm totally fine to reward you with the correct price for the image. Let me know how much you think is fair and I will pay you via paypal or here on this platform.

Hope we can close this as friends and not enemies.


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It’s enough that you understand the situation, the next time you’ll do the right thing, peace
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How about ask permission before do that? Holy shit.
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Like a city of dream <3

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I love stuff like this

this one is so magical yet nostalgic somehow

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Wow!!! This is amazing! So cheerful. You must've spent forever on all those details!!
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What can I say? You should try drawing in 2D more often :)
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