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School rooftop

Background created for "Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll" visual novel game, where I work as main background artist! We started campaign on Kickstarter!…
Please check our work, PLAY DEMO and maybe support project! Hope you like it!

This image done in collaboration with my friend and colleague He create roof 3d sets, my work here is 3d models of city, 2d touches like clouds, render compositing, color and light post process + stylization.

Classroom by arsenixcMusic Class by arsenixcRoom by arsenixcLiving room and kitchen by arsenixcOld house by arsenixcTokyo street by arsenixc

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Lovely image, I wish my school had a rooftop like this, too.

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My school never had rooftops like thesesad daiz I don't think they're even accessible.

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You are absolutely amazing! Great work!
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this is insanely cool
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Pretty colorsNod 
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You certainly have many supporters.  Perhaps a slowly moving flag or random glass twinkle in the cityscape would add a touch of dynamic attention like the train moving across the other intersection you have displayed.  Here is a hint for a long-term dynamic cityscape seen from this point of view.  With the motion of matting make the same scape in 2 different hues, brightness, and tinting. Then roll the difference of the 2 images (scape area only, not sky or foreground) across the cityscape.  Complete with incident light reflections (appearing random) across the cityscape version of the picture.  Done on a long enough timeline on a loop looks absolutely natural.  Also, the technique does not take up much in the way of programming power or space.  Similar techniques can be done to a daylight night interior as a transition to suggest the passage of time.  I am sure that you already know this.  Forgive my enthusiasm for your visually stunning work.  
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Damn it doesn't get more "anime" than this, nice work ^^.
Can I use this as an album cover or is it copyrighted?
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This copyrighted material, image is part of commercial project.
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It looks amazing, keep it up :3 
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" After the rain."  again Most Excellent!:)
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Your skies are quite beautiful
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Fantastic artwork!
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Wonderful, really crisp details. I always wonder how 3d is rendered and polished into 2D. Especially after seeing "Makoto Shinkai's Your Name, with all the layers and 3D like compositions…it marvels me (^_^)
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