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Background created for "Everlasting summer" visual novel game

Sunset after rain by arsenixc Road night version 2 by arsenixc Ikarus bus by arsenixc

Actually old work, think its time to upload all other backgrounds. After a time, I do not like my old level of performance.

also tumblr
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This draw reminds me to the anime Full Metal Alchemist. :clap:

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Yeah! Incredible. Please, You wanna be my friend?:D

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Wow, I played the visual novel like 6 years ago, and I found the artist of its backgrounds !

It was my very first VN and every landscape remain in my memory

You did an awesome job !

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There's something breathtaking and absolutely soothing about this and the other three pieces mentioned here. 
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do you have a tutorial about how you paint grasslands like in this picture?
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I love the clouds in all you're pictures very pleasant to look at.
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I love the colors and the clouds.
I immediately recognized this image from the game.
Music association - Melissa juice by Board of Canada.
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Hey. I hate to stir things up but another deviant has been using a lot of other people's work without attribution lately, including this piece. According to deviant art, it's not really my place to do anything, but I thought you ought to know just in case you care to take any further action. If you've given permission or are OK with it, that's fine.
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Reminds me of the walk in the Chief Sealth trail of seattle!
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can i use this for a drawing, credit for the background will go to you 
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I wish I know how to use electronic animation... Mine is just traditional art. Made of physical drawings by hands... I am like the father of drawings since traditional drawings is the father of all modern drawings...
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Awesome picture man!
I was wondering if I could use this picture as a background for a promotional music video, of course all credit for the picture will be given to you and your link will be posted in the description.
Just hit me back if you're interested. :) (Smile)
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I have doubts that he'll give you permission, because this picture is already used here:…
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Just got the game. It's amazing!
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i you go out and just draw things you see,or is it pure fantasy, or mix of both?
coz i really love all these, its awesome :heart:
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