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Restaurant street

This image done in collaboration with my friend and colleague He create this beautiful 3d scene, my work here is render compositing, color and light post process + stylization.

Street by arsenixc Class 2 by arsenixc Corporation street by arsenixc Old house by arsenixc Living room and kitchen by arsenixc Room by arsenixc Ellie Mansion by arsenixc School by arsenixc School rooftop by arsenixc

Background created for "Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll" visual novel game, where I work as main background artist!
Please check our work,… PLAY DEMO and maybe support project! Hope you like it!

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I love it! Can I use it for my Outro sequence? I'll credit you of course My Youtube channel is this

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Hello Most of my pictures in galleries, especially backgrounds is part of commercial projects, other companies have commercial rights to use this images, so its cannot use any else. Сannot give you permission to use. Even if this is a fair use, companies (and myself) really do not like when part of their content is used in combination with something else, this poses reputation risks and misunderstandings from random viewers.

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Ah sorry I didn't know that, thank you for clarifying and sorry for the trouble ^^¨

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aah..another amazing piece....speechless as usual
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I really adored your artworks ♥ They are so amazing PowerPuff Girls Z Emoticon 
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I always end up using these as backgrounds for my comp since it feels like you're there, and it isn't some cheesy real picture. They're like picture versions of what other games make the player feel in that world. Thank you for putting the viewer in another place.
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amazing detail as always!
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Wonderful! O___O
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lovely work! Always look forward to these posts!
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I really love these scenes. Makes me want to marathon anime.
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h how the fuck
Reminds me of Naruto
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Excellent sunlight! It gives envy to sunbathe!
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sorry if i seem annoying by asking, but, do you have a tutorial of "render compositing, color and light post process + stylization"? this really really is important to me because i want to learn who to draw and color background scenes
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nope, and not planned
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"the true richness of being". well played :) (Smile) 
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I'd be interested to see "before and after" views of a few of these, with the raw render alongside the finished version, to see exactly what your post/lighting work entails.
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Excellent work as always!La la la la 
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