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My old work (2006) for high speed modeling challenge RNTC (russian national time Challenge) A theme of competition « the Portal for moving ».
Time spent by me on creation of work - 20 hours.

This image now used for music band cover.
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This so Cool...I look at Subject Matters: Dark Science I like it was nice...
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I get Sinbad vibes from this, verrrry nostalgic feeling. Awesome work!
The atmosphere and detail of this picture is amazing!
The gigantic scale of the portal, and all the claw-like protrusions around its edges make it very creepy looking (plus that skull-like face at the very top)--but at the same time, who wouldn't be tempted to step through and see where it leads?
Great work!
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splendid. Really impressive.. could I ask you what modeling program used to do this? And the renderer? It would be useful to learn from you, 'cause you're really a pro.. !
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That's a big portal. O.O
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this reminds me of the original diablo 2 church doors opening like a portal, i believe tyrael made it like that.. either way its soooo awesome o.o
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Absolutely whimsical! Fantastic piece of artwork arsenixc! ;D
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Sooo... you MODELED THIS? As in Computer Modeling or Real(Clay, etc.) Modeling?

either way, it blows me away.
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This is 3d modeling on computer. Thanks
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Looks like a painting, it's so intricate!
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pwoah, this is really great
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Just pownsome!
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Is that.....3-point perspective? You are fearless. O_O I bow to you, ser.
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Looks like something out of a high budget game, wonderful art!
That person must have one really big portal gun.
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And a rectangular one, at that.
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super awesome!
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