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Mystery of underwater treasure

This scene is the embodiment of childhood dreams of exciting adventures, somewhere in the southern seas, where treasures are hidden and danger, incredible technics and sea creatures all blended into one exciting spirit of place!

ver. 1.0 some updates come soon.
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И теперь это воплотили в Subnautica. Ликуй!
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reminds me of the gorillaz music video "melancholy hill'
fcuking awesome work dude:iconiloveyouplz:
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Cool, has the feel of the real thing :
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Dori: Hey see it! Balloons! It's a party!
Venom-V13's avatar
Now this view is really cool, loving the scenery, awesome!! :)
WOLFBEN's avatar
just can say..... wow....
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That is awesome! You know this is the nerd in me, but I read somewhere that the Titanic wreck is being eaten alive by bacteria and may be completely gone in 20 years.
RishuMisu's avatar
reminds me of titanic ;_;
cant believe its getting eaten awayyyyyyyyyy
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woghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tht very like real photo O__O gulp...epic!!
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EPic and beautiful!
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Yowz - there is a LOT going on in this picture. Very cool!
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Man ur awesome T0T!!!!!!!!
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It's so!
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доделал? ) красота
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Не, на самом деле еще надо дорабатывать, просто сам себе обещал доделать до нового года. Загрузил пока такую версию, все равно тут можно файл подменять. Проапдейтю в празднички. )
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понял ) ждемс финал
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That's really cool
DaDonYordel's avatar
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It's so beautiful! The detail is amazing *A* and the way you described it makes it even more perfect
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