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Music club

Background created for "Everlasting summer" visual novel game

Music club inside by arsenixc Double-sided washstand in camp by arsenixc Square sunset by arsenixc leaders house sunset by arsenixc Pioneer camp leaders house by arsenixc Clubs by arsenixc 

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Dakiaty's avatar
Holy fcking shit this almost looks like a photo..just wow!!!
TheR3mnanT's avatar
The locations, the scenery of the pieces you create are like none Ive ever seen before, gosh I love your work so much
Vaelto's avatar
the necessary peace to make your work is here.
SugarBit's avatar
I love all the colour and shading in this :)
SinisterSquids's avatar
Amazing looks like a photo!
sMz-tampu's avatar
ichibanKioshi's avatar
Господи, так похоже на лагерь, куда я детстве каждый год ездила!
Вероятно, они по всей стране.. примерно одинаково выглядят.

Ох.. ностальгия. )
opixhidayat's avatar

incredible pict, looks like real...
enovy90's avatar
i m speachless... awesome...
bia-k's avatar
Your art is incredible. Beautifully done!
vopo's avatar
Beautiful background!
Heosukx's avatar
omg .. this is so amazing !

i didnt belive that this is a drawing !

keep it up ^^
Facetious-Glory's avatar
i hope you work for a big company un animation movies because you are awesome
regyNightmare's avatar
the amount of detail in this is incredible... you are an artist whose work I adore
WolftheFox's avatar
I thought it was a photograph!
Antoanela91's avatar
I love this
It amazing , you captured perfectly the summer light and the warm feeling
looking at it I feel like my eyes hurt from the light and I smell the grass and feel the light breeze
absolutely love it^^
PieDeLune's avatar
This is very lovely. It brings back some very fond memories of mine, so not only is the whole thing beautiful to look at, but for me, it has nostalgic value as well. I really like this. :3
KairoGC's avatar
Your contrast is really nice.
freodhoric's avatar
Not only is this very well-drawn, as has already been said once or twice, I think it's a very good design. Make a change or two and I would build it and live in it. The only issue I see is the large beam that runs the length of the porch. Does it sit on the joists? It's hard to see from this angle, but if not, it's just ornamentation and might cause the rafters to sag.
blue-bird-08's avatar
pure awsomeness \(^o^)/!
how long did it taken youto paint? :3
iCakey's avatar
I can't tell whether it's real or fake o_O
aJROUDi's avatar
Very Impressive..........I like it
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