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October 9, 2016
Meteora cover 3 issue by arsenixc
Featured by cosmicbound
Suggested by psoty
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Meteora cover 3 issue

Extended cover for Meteora comic series by Bubble comics. (for 3 issue)

More concepts and steps of creation here:…
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Me-MAI's avatar
Для чего эти белые круги на руках, ногах и шее у женщины? Это какие-то гаджеты или просто украшения?
arsenixc's avatar
Это гаджеты, через них активируется-материализуется скафандр, и еще некоторые вещи, подробнее показано в самом комиксе.
Me-MAI's avatar
Я комикс не видел, только эти рисунки на девиантарте
Another-Person's avatar
I can not get over how detailed and full of life this image is.
Dianote's avatar
Pretty cool! Congrats on the DD :)
su much details, great work all over
Lemiken7's avatar
I'm just enjoying all the colour variations and the interesting composition too!
Yeah, you've earned a watcher.  
Lovelle7's avatar
I really admire this work. So much details :)
FATAL-SOUL's avatar
WoW pretty cool
atram95's avatar
Is Fantastic!!
mucho13's avatar
Love all the details! So fantastic work! :)
HappyNap's avatar
How do you even O.o
CerealChaser's avatar
swangart's avatar
Gives me Blade Runner vibes
SzkArt's avatar
Oh my god the colors - the details *rolls over and dies happily*
aliacatil's avatar
idek how people can be this good
Ocetee's avatar
ultimatede's avatar
Gorgeous work, congrats on the DD
huesuxart's avatar
WOW. This comic series must be insanely far in the future, maybe 1000 or 2000 years in the future to the looks of it. This is beyond a simple "great job", and the amount of time to create this must be pretty long!
huesuxart's avatar
Twiztidpiksi's avatar
Great job keeping her at the center of attention with so much detail in the picture! I am very curious what he giant yellow structure is?
arsenixc's avatar
This is power station for the lower levels of the city, also use as light source.
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