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Imperial city

Backgrounds done for 『Shining Nikki』 game developed by Paper Games. Hope you like it! More close up's here:…
You also can check trailer…
Background illustrations may be little different/modified for the sake of unified hues in the game, hope for your understanding.
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Whooaa!!! Beautiful!!

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The purplish sky just makes this even more beautiful.

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i am blown away at how beautiful this came out. you're awesome <3

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Can i add this to my character story?

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I'm not the artist, but probably not as it is a background for a mobile game.

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Wow... just... wow...

this is absolutely stunning! not in my wildest dreams could I come up with something this amazing, took many days of work I assume, great work!

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Very interesting. It's not often you see a city this size when it would be equally believeable to see either horse carriages or cars on the streets. Kudos.

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Man!!! Hours and hours into the making I'm sure. Love it!

Nice art, beautiful scene

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Those water archways seem quite to small for big ships to pass. Not good for trade :P

Amazing artwork :faint:

Art looks great ! How often do you work with traditional mediums ? Can you create similar art on paper ?

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I completely quit drawing on paper or in traditional style. Only digital.
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Oblivion? Feels like the imperial city itself.
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Это черт возьми потрясающе!

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This is some Final Fantasy XV level! AMAZING!

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This is amazing

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