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Himitsu House sunset


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Background for "Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll" visual novel game, where I work as main background artist!

Street by arsenixc Street and old bar LmRnR by arsenixc Street club night by arsenixc Tokyo street animation by arsenixc Classroom by arsenixc

DEMO available on Steam…
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so makes your dream come to life!!!!

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great light in the picture

The sunshine is beautiful

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This is absolutely fantastic!! Thanks!
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This is just hands down amazing. :)
oh my god! I love this picture! The light and the shadow are perfect. And the name, too. Himistu House, huh? Such an interesting name. It gives me the feeling that if I step too close to the house, it will waver, it will disappear like an illusion.
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I just love the feeling of this one. It perfectly captures the quiet of dusk. 
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I like the light!
I love your artwork so much
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the color and lighting is amazing!
love the lighting effects <3
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It's getting more and more obvious that this is all just badly made computer models with minimal actual artwork in it, and simply just lighting and trickery. The only thing that seems to be properly illustrated is the sky. Have you truly gotten so lazy? Or was it just kinda like this from the start?
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A young boy who have no art of his own trying to 'critic' professional artists who make background for true video game? Sound funny for me.

Anyway if you truly love to 'critic' here are my questions:
- Why do you think it's just badly make? Can you show 'goodly' make counterpart (preferably from you)?

- You said the art have minimal artwork, explain pls bc I think it's neat? And may you show something with 'decent artwork' (preferably from you)?

PS: I do hope that you won't say: 'Sorry too boring to read all that. Please respond in 20 words or less' or run away, young boy. 
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Did you not read the description?

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They clearly don't, since I was able to think up criticism.
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Can't anything and everything be criticized? 
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