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Basu bango yonbyakujuu ED art

By arsenixc
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- See on YOUTUBE HD Ending video: [link]

Art for バス番号四百十 project ending.

This is be fan made spinoff shortmovie. Soon more animatics & etc.

Image hi-res: [link]
on deviantart actually 18000p limit

Special thanks for VVC [link]

There mix many anime characters from different anime titles. But havesome original characters.

order on the picture

Souseiseki, Marisa Kirasime, Shiki Ryougi, Suigintou, Rozen(original), Ichigo(original), Hau(original), Hanyuu, Nono, Div(original), Saku(original), Porco Rosso, Fujiwara no Mokou, Akirame Miko, Mako(original), Kotobuki Tsumugi, Akiyama Mio, Swallow(original), Yumi(original), Reki, Rakka, Cirno, Zloart(original), TrueTrololo(original), Ayumu Kasuga(Osaka), Lt Obvious(original), Takano Miyo, Ikari Gendou, Kuga Natsuki, Kokote, Coyc (mix: Index, Uiharu Kazari, Potemayo) (original), Kitashirakawa Chiyuri, Glear Miyu, Devix(original), Tetora Nishizono, (0/0)(original), C-sama(original), Lisper(original), Rondo(original), Readonly(original), Mystical curator(original).
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This is so wicked.
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Я вот галерею вашу ох как люблю.
Один вопрос только. Откуда такая любовь к Икарусам ?
Автобус то фуфловатый был.
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Do you usually draw over CG or is your process a combination of cellshading and draw over?
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this is so amazing!!! (I love the song too)
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You've got Rakka and Reki in there, so I luv you now.
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Amazing work!! :highfive:
Edarneor's avatar
Хто это?? Оо никого из списка не знаю, даже не считая OC...
во японцы напридумывали!

Lt Obvious это типа как Captain Obvious, только рангом ниже? :)
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Это все аватарки юзеров из одной конференции. У кого какой никнейм был такого и рисовал.
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Oh my god! So many of these characters I know.. so many I don't know. XD I was really happy to see Porco in there, though.
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I'm your fan from this moment ))))
This awesome!
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WOOOW! *___*
Beautiful! Wonderful! @#$%^! ;3;
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i see awesomeness :heart:
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O_________O GORGEOUS!!!!
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