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Azusa Rock

another animation test.
Azusa from K-on!
Made her a little adult :3

Mixed media: use 3d, real clouds sequence, and 2d drawed parts.
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Oh wow this is some really great stuff! Hope you'll do some fighting scenes someday~ Well if your not against references I do recommend these links to give you a decent idea of the concept~ However the choice is yours all together~…………

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What kind of 3D is that style? I like more than the realistic one
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And then, a vision appeared. It was Mio, entombed in her accursed mummy armor, calling Azusa from a moonbase which wasn't on a moon. 

"Azusa, you must rock the fuck out." 
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adult azuza, cool
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you know whats seems odd about it, so its not natural? she doesnt give any sign of if she's breathing or not...
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ahh , that fineeee!!!

coment here [link]
blackCRYSTALeyes's avatar
awesome :D she looks really cool like that :D
fantasynix's avatar
pretty pretty :3
AlonzoConcetta's avatar
I gotta say, you are one of my biggest inspirations!
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you are too good!!!![link]
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aaahhh Azu~Nyan kakoii
i love this
ruslansagitov's avatar
Absolutely stunning! The SKY! The SKIRT! :wow:
fairhaired-cutey's avatar
wow!! =D Azu-nya looks so epic! =P
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wowww Azusa Nyannn~ sugoiii~ awesome how you do this?>
Beren89's avatar
I could fave all your works. This is astonishing, deep and detailed.
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you are the shit dude
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Azu nyaaaaaaannnnn >w< :heart: ~ Very nice !
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What software did you use? I'm wanting to create my own anime, and this is a good example I can go off of. ^^
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Ugh! Man, your blending of the K-ON anime style and 3D rendering is just amazing to me. Usually it's hard for a 3D render to get across the same feel as such a style, but this is ridiculously perfect.

Hats off to you! <3
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did u use that animation thing on photoshop?
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tutorial! tutorial! :heart:
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