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Autumn gif

By arsenixc
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sort of visual novel test frame

bg Autumn by arsenixc
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@.@ me gusta when is it coming? @.@
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there is a compositional issue when you place the girl in front of the light.
There is a green glow in the scene but the viewer cannot identify the source of that green glow.
The piece would work better if you flip her and place her on the other side.

aside from that issue, I like the work, I enjoy the atmosphere and I can imagine playing this game.
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Я бы не против, это ж вечная осень, и девушка... Лиса? Кошка? В любом случае, круто %)
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Сиквел бесконечного лета конфирмед (на самом деле нет).
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let me play this now
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Someday you need to tell us something about this VN you keep posting images from!
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wow!!! stunningly beautiful!!
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Oh wow.  This is amazing.  For being a visual novel test, just wow I would have thought you have done this many of time before.  Kinda makes me want to make my original story into a visual novel (lol, of course have to write it all first, and then gather up some money.  Would definitely love to have both a book and visual novel option to potential readers.  I love the idea of visual novels and so this is amazingly appealing to me)
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what did you use to make the animation, if I might ask...?
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Oh god, this is worth $60. I'm gonna find a way to steal it. I'm too poor to buy games.
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Ahh so pretty :3
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Nice and nice ! 8D
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Wow ! I love this gloomy felling ! Reminds me of Folklore...
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