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I terrorize my staff with these puns. Thank you
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LOL! Love it! XD
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Just for you:  I learned this from a friend of mine.


Were I to be punish-ed,

for ev'ry puny pun I shed,

I would not have a puny shed

In which to place my punish head.

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Best... pic... ever!!!!
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Love the picture, even though its one of your older works, keep up the great work!
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:iconimthinkingplz: I see what you did there... XD
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Oh gods this is so brilliant
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These are all very good. Haha. This one is my fav though.
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I just wet myself reading this. And yes, I did it because I read it, not just while reading.
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Hahah, Love all your 'Terribad Joke' illustrations. This one is my favorite though.

The Oatmeal has a bunch of 'Dumb Jokes That Are Funny" - If you need more material to work with.

Stay awesome!
Haha, that's brilliant.
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Haha, amazing
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on 9gag`s hot page :D
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Somebody made an edit of this, and crossed out "An Investigator" and put "Fricken Awesome". Thought you should know. My friend was looking at it earlier.
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