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Welcome to my profile, good traveler of the interwebs! If you want an idea of the fandoms I'm currently active in, just look up. They are, in left-to-rightish order:

The Rachel Maddow Show (and pundits/news in general)
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Invader Zim
Harry Potter
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Don't be shy about requesting anything at all (fanart anyway) from my fandoms or one of yours, I'm always eager to draw something but don't always have a neat idea to get me started. I'm pretty much up for anything in terms of ships and what have you: het, slash, gen, it's all good. Just don't ask for detailed backgrounds. They are my mortal foes.

I like manga and American comics, mostly shounen/seinen adventure stories, but I have a soft spot for the surreal acid trip series too. Also, I'm an aspiring starving artist. Gotta love la vie Boheme!

"If you don't support gay marraige then don't marry a gay."

Current Residence: In the dumpster behind Wal Mart
Favourite genre of music: prog rock, classic rock, alternative, classical
Favourite cartoon character: Azula and Light Yagami, two awesome sociopaths

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dali, Don Bluth, Satoshi Kon
Favourite Movies
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Writers
Haruki Murakami
Favourite Games
strip UNO
Favourite Gaming Platform
Gameboy Emulator
Tools of the Trade
fine-tipped ink pends and Prisma markers
Free sketching headstones in the graveyard is fun.  Got some good material for an ambitious picture I'll (hopefully) start tonight.  Inevitably, it won't be as cool as the idea in my head.  But *gripe* over.
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Here, have a poem. The Bargain I had a dream of darkness, of immaterial time and place Of a man, or the concept of a man More shadow than shape He spoke to me "A deal," he said, "An offer; you'd be a fool to refuse: For what you stand to gain Is everything All that is worldly; Wealth and grandeur, power and authority The passion of the flesh And the passion of the mind You will be a man But revered as more There are other things, besides: Things that exist beyond human comprehension The language of the stars The secret truths that whisper in the still air Chaotic lightning energy All the mystery than men worship in the go
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(001) Your gender: Fe-male (002) Sexual orientation: Lezbot (003) Single? Always (004) Do you want to be a train driver? Sure, why the hell not? (005) Your birthday: April 17th (006) Age you wish you were: 25, then my car insurance would be cheaper (007) Your height: 5'8" (008) The color of your eyes: Brown (009) The color of your hair: Brown (010) Piercings: My ears, way back when, but the holes have since closed up (011) Tattoos: one on my arm,one on my ankle DO YOU (012) Smoke? like a chimney, unfortunately =( (013) Do drugs? Just a bit of the budduh (014) Read the newspaper? I used to, when I handled the morning deliveries a
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I still miss you, Mel.
Rest peacefully and watch over your loved one for they miss you dearly~
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
G'bye, cousin. I'll miss you so much. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be who I was, today.
Rest in Peace always.
Rest in Peace, my dear friend.