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Birds Beside Your Grave
the birds beside your grave
lie in wait
gathered by mutual tragedy
and silence's elusive air
equally oppressive
as it is nearly unbreathable
its potency is diluted
by cracking leaves
fallen and formed
merely for the cutting
of bare feet
yet no match for sharper talons
and quiet beaks
feathers glisten with moisture
of the forgotten rain
a night of forlorn eyes
staring into cold lakes
placid with captured heaven
in small doses
slowly acquired
yet only to greater ecstasy
watching ever so closely
secretly wishful
willing witness
to a sight often unseen
the reemergence of ghosts
a chorus of souls
joined in mournful song
the tune ethereal
and only slightly bruised
within the fog
the birds beside your grave
take flight
carrying with them
another who will
never again walk
upon hallowed ground
so soft
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 19 12
the mourning
is vigorous
in silence
last night
we slept
beneath the cold thorns
to stand
the holy remnants
of the obliterated
in silence
slept the cold thorns
as with all things infectious
we hum the echo
of blood
with what was once
our heart
we think we can see
with what once were
our eyes
can you feel the stars radiate?
can you hear them scream?
giving voice
to the song
of the distraught
this is
the forever darkness
this is where we belong
in silence
weeping beneath the cold thorns
once was a very long time ago
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 12 7
for us to sleep
the grey waves
whisper gently
their dark lullabies
induce the nightmare
so beautifully
ordained by faith
as if we were lost phantoms
destined to remain secret
for all eternity
in antiquated anguish
and rising
to embrace
our skin
we become angelic
by consequence
a soft promise
that these last moments
will pass
a single sound
I am the scourge
within your veins
until the stars rain down
to mesh the love
and hatred
buried so far
beneath the ground
a forgotten witness
to our most sacred dream
ordained by faith
and painted
so perfectly
my soul is a monument
to the sea
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 23 19
A World of Silent Dreams
our thoughts descend
into velvet oblivion
a voice entwined
with the wind
dark words that echo
so hollow
and subtle
metallic and comforting
like the warmth
of blood
dripping on your tongue
from a vein unseen
the taste
a bittersweet heaven
the purgatory
in your eyes
slowly forced
like mortuary drapes
just after twilight
those eyes descend
into velvet oblivion
a world
of silent seas
and dream
and dream
of haunted things
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 20 15
her flesh
was the rapture
borne upon
wings of disease
pale and brittle
an incandescent moonbeam
like frozen rain
her fingertips
pressed into my skin
with shallow echoes of pain
a thousand splinters
to find
all this darkness
to possess
a measure of sin
she preferred
the torture
of a good kiss
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 26 13
if there were never
a Moon
could compare
to the way
you haunt
the night
an exotic chalice
of erosion
from which
I drink in the sight
of your body
and skeletal
propped against a street light
and timed just right
to cool the tasteless air
and exhume my existence
just like a grave
by this lucid
to soak in dust
the secrets within us
today there was only static
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 20 22
The Pulse of Necessity
there are parts of the world
that are still ancient
and there are parts
not yet imagined
upon their birth
we will worship
what has ceased
to be sacred
and long to feel
its collapse
we have come
to the void
a place
where all is meant
to destroy
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 5 12
teach me about suicide
teach me to sin
through the scars
underneath the skin
I want to let you in
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 19 21
my heart
is full
of breathless shadows
the loneliness eludes
your death rattle
so serpentine
embraced in entropy
I am enthralled
with the way you bleed
the only ancient
and natural thing
a relic from when we spread thought
and not disease
a war just as trivial
as peace
its murderer is finality
a fatalism so blind and perfected
just and faithful
in our torture
just and faithful
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 13 9
Cervical Plexus
nothing has ever begun
wars have never been won
a strange pulse
in a cancerous sun
I closed my eyes
and felt its heat
burning against moist throats full of sand
that were strangled by prosthetic hands
the pressure of apocalypse
started to descend
an evolution begging to end
I gazed at a dead baby
with uncontrollable envy
while Death arose
from a recent rape
starving for disgrace
and bathed in hate
she had a gun to her head
and a mouth that had never been fed
and the last thing she ever said
"it all starts with the end"
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 5 22
from within
this small
open wound
your blood
gradually seeps
a dark
of purity
and deceit
flowing upon
your skin
into my soul
and onto
my lips
that very first drop
with hope
lighting the way
through catatonia
like an angel's fall
from grace
like the hiss
of the serpent's forked tongue
from deep within
this small open wound
I long to see
the ruins of her
bathed in an unearthly light
beauty in all its enthralling
decrepit elegance
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 28 20
The Blossoming Tomb
we enter
Death's blossoming tomb
where the context of words
spin slowly among solitude
darkness swallows our eyes
and whispers to the rhythm
of a heart beat
a whisper of immortality
lifeless reflections
forced between
the wrath of ancient screams
that bind our hands in deceit
a punishment
for letting the truth become
balancing the future under a razorblade
the world shall perish
within our breath
to the sound of vile static
an eclipse strong enough
to block out the light
of the soul
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 8 5
The Ruins of Utopia
we all fight the inner war
a temple to those
who would have murder
swallow them whole
the justification, desire, and obedience
to rape our universe
holding wanted truths
in crooked eyes
long enough to perfect the design
only when the funeral winds speak
do we hear of mercy
a serenade ending with futility
and beginning with disaster
gathering these darkened souls
where slow hearts beat faster
noting every breath
cataloging every concern
for we know death is the fire
in which we must burn
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 7 5
An Offer To The Sentinel
I awoke
the burning silver of Orion
to find myself captured
before the souls of time
drowning in their hollow reasons
their thoughts impregnated
with false godhood
and surreal
surgical lawfulness
in this world
we have only dreamt
of a mental stigmata
and the touch
of dead fingertips
a callous supremacy
so like
a razorblade’s caress
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 5 22
I have seen you
as though
through haunted
and foreboding
of baptism
within the fog
the fire
of enduring
yet tormented
and waiting
forever listening
to the notion
of perhaps
tempting fate
the pleas of mercy
whispered on the lips
of escape
to relinquish
all that you have hidden
to wither
and decay
into weighted
and sensual
and punished
for our secrets
there is something about you that is too dark to touch
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 14 13
The Source
it is like love
to drink from
the poisoned river
when we are crushed
and drowned
in it's current
of fear
abrasive and attacking
the numbing cold
asks for nothing
yet remains
so deadly
unwilling to fight
our lungs
are rendered
useless and heavy
a single
is ever so deadly
:iconarsenic-sea:arsenic-sea 4 3


In a street untouched
lit only by yellowed lights
stood a simple doe
ears swooping heavenward
nothing but a silhouette
among the whispering snow
:iconcocoon7894:cocoon7894 2 0
The snow groans beneath our shoes
I can’t take my eyes off the white flecks
that frost your hair
You stir the air with your soft words
that glide from your lips in wisps
of wintry breath
The descending flakes reflect
in your cocoa eyes
Your hand, heavy and warm
preserves mine
We make our way through the winter months
:iconcocoon7894:cocoon7894 2 0
A Curious Manifestation of Moths by AlizarinJen A Curious Manifestation of Moths :iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 170 9
Locust Princess
There is power here.
I feel it coursing through my veins, pooling in my joints.
Embroidering my irises with its frozen fire.
Violin strings and Gregorian hymns lift the potential in this mane of hair,
the cello is a lullaby resounding.
Music is sometimes the only way for me to articulate the butterflies valiantly flapping in my throat.
Something about the endless heartbeat of the drum
the pulse of the world and of my mothers
and my sisters
and those who came before me.
It is the rhythm of our feet, one dogged step after another.
When I walked the desert, dust in my ears, in my mouth and in my eyes I knew this drumbeat, I knew this rhythm.
When the nomads banished me from the camp for bleeding, I knew this rhythm.
When I rose against the walls of Jericho, I knew this rhythm.
When I pulled down Babel, I knew this rhythm.
When I was cast from Eden, I knew this rhythm.
Do not stand there in the face of my flesh and deny me goddess.
Do not stand before me and be unable to bear my b
:iconllywenlla:Llywenlla 3 4
Graveyard Cat by AlizarinJen Graveyard Cat :iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 289 31 Ghost Teeth by AlizarinJen Ghost Teeth :iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 172 14 good-bye, old life by beyondimpression good-bye, old life :iconbeyondimpression:beyondimpression 33 1 Moth Spirit Board by AlizarinJen Moth Spirit Board :iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 169 11
Halloween and Etsy
Halloween is coming!  I can't wait!  I have so many plans this year!  Seances and ghost tours and costumes and decorations!
I had to put my Etsy store on vacation mode while I packed up and moved to the Pacific Northwest, But its finally back up and running now!  Hooray!  If anyone is interested in teeny little canvas prints made by me, you can use the coupon code HALLOWEEN for thirteen percent off of everything from now through All Souls Day.
:skull: :heart: :skull: :heart: :skull:
:iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 1 8
Santa Muerte by Lomaiwe Santa Muerte :iconlomaiwe:Lomaiwe 5 2
Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to move out of the desert and into a spectacular forest.  I lived in Phoenix, AZ my whole life up until last week, when I finally packed up the pets and moved all the way to the Pacific Northwest.  We are now settling in to our new home just outside of Portland and we love it soooooo much!
This move has helped me get over a big pile of sad.  I was so sad I didn't paint anything for four months.  Not painting made me even more sad.  I hope that never happens again.  I am still waiting for all of my art supplies to arrive along with my furniture and stuff.  As soon as they get here I'll be cranking out oodles of new paintings.
Are any of you guys based in Portland?  Do you have any advice about awesome art related things I should do here?
Also, thank you for all of the birthday wishes.  You guys are too sweet to me.
:heart:  :heart:  :heart:
:iconalizarinjen:AlizarinJen 1 5
Pastel Reflections by CloseToIt Pastel Reflections :iconclosetoit:CloseToIt 2 1 Drop by CloseToIt Drop :iconclosetoit:CloseToIt 2 2 Meduse... by Herculanum Meduse... :iconherculanum:Herculanum 104 33 Cape Dyrholaey by CloseToIt Cape Dyrholaey :iconclosetoit:CloseToIt 4 5 THE DAY AFTER MY FUNERAL by NataliaDrepina THE DAY AFTER MY FUNERAL :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 1,125 48



My new poetry book is published on  It is entitled Woebegone - A Collection of Graveyard Poetry
All of my previously published poetry is collected as well as some that were previously unpublished.

Here is the link Woebegone - A Collection of Graveyard Poetry-

Thank you for looking :)
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